Fakie Bigspin the Movie


Global warming is a bitch and the snow is already gone in SLC. That’s alright though, it’s time to skate! Also, hopefully it’ll snow again soon.

Featuring a whole bunch of snowboarders: Torrey Lyons, Chris Grenier, Scott Stevens, Chris Cloud, Justin Keniston, Tanner McCarty, Brandon Reis, Alex Andrews, Jesse Burtner, Ted Borland, Mike Ravelson, Bode Merrill, and Austen Granger

  • lurkin

    I actually enjoy watching snowboarders skate more than skateboarders skate

  • Jeremy Jones

    This really sucks

  • It’s things like these that give me hope that one day I will be respectably average at skateboarding

  • AM

    this is awesome

  • AM

    watching scott stevens skate is magical

  • snolerblades

    even on a skateboard scott stevens cant resist being on 1 foot