Arnette Crew Clash Round 3: Ugly Kidz & Company


Wanna know how you become a finalist in the Arnette Crew Clash? Be more like Ugly Kidz & Company. Their edit is legit and was tough to beat. The UKC crew is headed to Mt Bachelor courtesy of Arnette, Yobeat and Windells, where they will make another edit which will go up for the grand prize — $1000 in cold hard cash.

Featuring riding from Nate Cordero, Andrew Yoder, Steve Lauder, Ben Wachowiak, Stefan Kuhsel, and Asher Humphreys. Filmed by Bryan Cordero, Matt Hines, Aaron Mynett, and Nate Corder. Stay tuned for the edit from Hill City Squad, who UCK will be going up against.


  • T raw

    Only faces that their mothers can love

  • Jebron Lames

    Now that was a powerful video

  • LA

    daaaaaaaamn son, some handsome shredding

  • JP Walker

    Eh. Not enough picnic tables.

  • hmm


  • keystoned

    steve lauder comin up in the game

  • spencer

    holy nutz

  • spacey

    lmao 2:50 “oooohhhHHOOHHHHHH”

  • ke$ha

    <3 steve lauder

  • Dave

    Am I the only one confused by this crew clash what happened to the brackets and stuff? Like boom here is the winner whaaaat who even voted for this shit? Great edit though.

  • well…

    rich kids seems more appropriate based on the motorhome

  • so…

    ^what you’re saying is a mobile home makes someone rich? pretty sure people buy those because they can’t afford a normal home. either that or they’re actually 70 year old men who are rich and retired

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your concern. In an effort to avoid another super annoying popularity contest this year, we had a panel of judges including the Yawgoons, Robbie Sell, Knut Eliason and yes, even us at Yobeat select the top two videos. Both of these crews will be heading to Mt. Bachelor where they will make another edit, and then you guys get to pick who wins the cash. Cool? Cool.


  • UKC

    ^(In reply to “Well…”)

    Nah, not rich by any standards. Just kidz who like to travel the country looking for snow and fresh pow. To be honest, one of our favorite places we have ever lived in. Oh, and long hours of work in the summer helps fund us.

  • Hank Hill

    that was crazy i tell you what

  • Snolerblades

    Holy shit where were these guys last year

  • sick

    dope edit I have to say can’t hate, but the homies in Duluth, Minnesota don’t have nice RV’s and what not to travel the country in, and they’re gonna take the win for sure

  • Kack

    dope as a rope