New Zealand with AJ Lawson


You know this video is going to be good because 1) it’s 4:20 long and 2) it’s from last summer which means they’ve been working on it for months and therefore it must be awesome. But don’t take our word for it, hit play and form your own opinion.

  • bukkake

    glad to see im not the only one with the chrome peeled off my ashburies. chinsy fucking lenses…

  • Thathat

    I really like his flower pattern hat, looks like he ripped it directly off my grandmas couch, oh yeah, the snowboarding was pretty awesome, but seriously though, cool fucking hat….

  • I’m hungry now

    Half of the video was him eating. Is he trying to dispel rumors about being anorexic or something?? You wait six months to make a 4 min video w three sections of eating. Would have been a cool 2:30 min video of snowboarding.

  • Stephanie Lyn

    Bearcub is a kook.

  • Typical

    Good rail riding but not a single jump shot.

  • That whole edit felt so spastic and it made me feel nervous, frantic, restless, etc. Also, very confused for two reasons:
    1. American
    2. That song definitely started out as a censored version

  • Ski Baby

    Besides the epileptic filming that was dope.. I love it when white people embrace their whiteness

  • POT

    I love aj. i would let those sperm in my butt if that would do anything

  • Brendan Barry


  • AJ is the shit!!! Been killing it in every 7springs edit this year

  • AJ Lawson is my favorite white supremecist!

  • Rick

    Hahaha sperm donor candidate video….AJ Ripz

  • tripsburgh

    P ON MY CHEST. Hella wavy bro

  • dat’s da dude! bringin’ them smooth soapy soulja moves.



  • I Had Better Style My First Day Snowboarding.

  • dirt star

    head chop.

  • connor

    filming made my brain hurt

  • 4:20


  • randy mathews

    weet-bix and marmite are fucking gross