Arnette Crew Clash Round 3 Semi Finalists Announced!


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For the third year in a row the Arnette Crew Clash brought out the competitive spirit of some of the best amateur crews around. It’s amazing what people are willing to do for a a free trip to Mt. Bachelor and the chance at a cool G. The semi finals are a wrap and the Yawgoons have spoken. Ugly Kidz co and Hill City Squad have earned the chance to travel to Oregon and film another edit, which will be voted on by you.

We made that sound easy. It wasn’t, in fact, here are some of our favorites of the submissions they beat out.

Bridge House

Featuring: Featuring Mitch Kirby, Jake Devries, Steve Mack
Filming/Editing- Ian Dreher


Featuring: Mikey ‘Roy Roy’ Roynesdal, Joey Peterson, Billy Brandt, Shane Ruprecht, TJ Antisdel, Drew Poganski, Matt Hiemstra, Josh Johnson, Chris Tomczyk, Luke Merten, and Clay Hatzenbuhler
Film/Edit : Derek Combs


Filmed and edited by: sam erickson
additional filming: jonny durst, andreas schroeder, brian rappaport, ej streib

Zeach Squad

Edit: Cooper Slack

Common Crew

Featuring: Jake Braseth, Andy Latterner, Nate Blomquist, Alex Colorito, Joey Kreye, Sam Garneau, Billy Bottoms, Jack Yelle, Reba.

Edited by: Jake Braseth Nate Blomquist, Zak Peterson

S.R.D. Crew

But, where are the winning videos, you ask? Well, you’re going to have to wait for them, we’ll be posting them over the next couple days. It’s called building anticipation, guys.

Thanks to Arnette Eyewear, Nitro Snowboards, Windells and Mt Bachelor for making the 2013 Arnette Crew Clash happen. Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

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  1. Slender man
    Slender man says:

    Funny how three of these are from Minnesota. When is everyone else going to step up their game?

  2. mdot
    mdot says:

    Ya that one edit was a crazy bite of Jake durhams style. Didnt make it work like he does doe

  3. Zeach wad Wack attack!
    Zeach wad Wack attack! says:

    I swear if I see one more goddamn park edit I’m going to shoot my monitor! Do you park rats really think you’re going to get noticed riding like shooting star entries? Street and Backcountry are the only legit disciplines. Get outta the park and into the streets all you east coast, mid westerners! All your park shots look like B grade bullshit from the 90s If you want to film a park edit. It had better be at:
    1. 7 springs
    2. Loon
    3. Park City
    4. Mt. Hood
    5. Brighton.
    6. Sun Valley
    7. Northstar
    8. Bear
    9. Mammoth
    10. Whistler.

    Move away from wherever flat shit hole you reside to real mountains. Pathetic waste of time! Except the last two

  4. Lazy riders, take notes from TOO HARD! Those bitches know how to ride. Take notes amateur hour poseurs!
    Lazy riders, take notes from TOO HARD! Those bitches know how to ride. Take notes amateur hour poseurs! says:

    Have any of you ever heard of a shovel? They are great for clearing off stairs for handrails and building jumps. But you might as well use one to dig a hole to hide in. Because everyone is laughing at you right now for your sad excuse of an edit. White suburban kids listening to gangsta rap is so 90s. Self proclaiming your crew in the comments just makes it more pathetic Sad day for snowboarding.

  5. Where's the powder?
    Where's the powder? says:

    I know its been a slow snow season but really? Not one pow turn or legit jump shot? Watch Darkside and then watch your shitedit. Way to regress snowboarding -10+ years. Who in their right mind thinks that filming a whole segment in a terrible park is going to get noticed? All that shitty brick weed you smoke must have been laced with PCP and Crack because this is worse than “Lick the Cat” Which I’m sure you idolize but those fools suck too. For some fools from minnesota you’d think they’d know where all the good street rails are. Maybe none of you have cars and get dropped off at the hill by your soccer moms.

  6. Keith Duck
    Keith Duck says:

    Zeach squad widen your fucking stances, I threw up at the sight of your heels touching with your chode-bro-sharks. Sincerely the world. #lovestogroom

  7. Keith Duck Central High Principle
    Keith Duck Central High Principle says:


  8. Do I write my comment here? Anyways, the Common guys kill it harder than Jeffrey Dahmer, and their video was dope. Cant wait til the top two drop
    Do I write my comment here? Anyways, the Common guys kill it harder than Jeffrey Dahmer, and their video was dope. Cant wait til the top two drop says:


  9. goonsquad
    goonsquad says:

    I dont understand the satisfaction you all get at trying to make someone feel worse about their snowboarding. Remember what your momma told you “if you aint got nothin nice to say, dont say anything at all” “If you cant run with the big dogs stay one the porch” and my favourite “if you cant snowboard very well, then hide behind a username and make rude comments” S.R.D is my personal favourite. All the other edits were cool to. cheers.

  10. shmeagle from HCSC
    shmeagle from HCSC says:

    shoutout to whoever said gain some skate knowledge. look at any good skate video/edit (not PRETTY SWEET) and its edited in a style like that. no one is biting jake, its just that most snowboarders dont have any skate knowledge or history of how it was filmed before HD

    makefriendsordie is rad, and a breath of fresh air to snowboarding and all these goofy edits out there, but its nothing “new”. thats not hate, just truth. MAKEFRIENDSORDIE and WARPWAVE are the best thing to happen to snowboarding since scotty wittlake chipped his front tooth

    bridgehaus and spiderqweef nailed it on the editing in my opinion

  11. blood
    blood says:

    I was simply making a joke.
    That being said,
    i doubt the homies were thinking about old skate flicks when they were putting their edit together. They were probably thinking about how dope that new makefriendsordie joint was, and how they could make their video that cool.

    So bitch, Get outta here with that back talk.

    I do agree though, hd is for the birds. 4:3 for life.

  12. @wack attack aka kid that is ignorant
    @wack attack aka kid that is ignorant says:

    have u seen the starks elementary edits or durhams make friends edits? yea those “flat shit holes” are a real waste of time when they produce those edits… Right? Common Apparel = BEAN$$$BEAN$$$

  13. Trendsetter
    Trendsetter says:

    Before any of you kooks claim jake durham was the inventor of editing/filming watch any well made skateboarding edit ever…

    Lets be real, jake’s rad. You dick riders are fucking soft.

  14. Schleg! likes Montana
    Schleg! likes Montana says:

    Just throwing it out there… not all skate vids are edited like a makefriends/elementary video. The edits that come out of different regions are totally different and the videos from different years are totally different. Sure, you got your LurkNYC and Pyramid County edits, but you also got shit like that emulates the JustNipples style, or the Sk8rats style or the fucking new-Thrasher videos. So when people say these guys are ripping skate edits off, I don’t think they know what the fuck they’re talking about.

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