20k Up for Grabs at the Vermont Open



STRATTON MOUNTAIN, Vt. — Stratton Mountain Resort and the Vermont Open have put a total cash prize of $20,000 on the line for top riders at the competition.

Stratton Mountain stepped up to match the prize purse set forth by the Vermont Open organizers, doubling the cash prize to $20,000.

“Stratton has had the rare opportunity to watch some of the nation’s best riders grow, train and compete on our slopes,” said Sky Foulkes, President of Stratton Mountain. “With the Vermont Open, we are excited to launch the next chapter of big competition in southern Vermont.”

The prize money will be divided among top riders in each rider division.

Sponsors of the Vermont Open include Stratton Mountain Resort, Foley Caterpillar, Vermont Country Store, Thebault Design, Vew-Do Boards, Science Apparel. Individual sponsors are Tim Ward, Greg Gawlick and Sarah Garay.

The Vermont Open is a three event snowboarding competition on Stratton Mountain’s main face. Over three days, riders will compete in halfpipe, rail jam and banked slalom events with prizes awarded to the top scorers. Registration is open to everyone in the categories of junior (12 and under), amateur, pro and washed up. Register for the Vermont Open at www.vermontopen.com. The highest value prize will go to the overall winner, the male and female riders who earn the highest overall score across all three events.

  • Jib Wood

    you fucking blew it jake.

  • upstatemike.

    I have a feeling you would have a different sentiment if you had been at Vail, Jib Wood. What a difference it makes being in a town/mountain that actually wants the event there. I’m east coast for life, and the shift made more sense than keeping it at stratton ever would.

  • DownEast

    Of course, none of us on the East Coast would know how utterly X-Games awesome the new venue was, since, well, we were all on the East Coast. Unless you are rolling Knox like cash, Vail is just about the most unobtainable location for the typical rider to go enjoy an encore presentation of energy drink fueled progression.

    No doubt that Stratton has culpability in this, but last I checked there are a few other mountains out here. Loon, Okemo, Killington, Waterville Valley, Sunday River all would have been solid. The Open needed a change of focus not a change of coast. The fact that they are so set on mimicking an ESPN manufactured contest is depressing. Why not go in a new direction and get back to what the Open once stood for?

    Oh well, maybe next year GM or Microsoft or Vidal Sassoon will hook me up so I can revel in all the awesome that the second most exclusive mountain in Colorado can add to the second most Xtreme contest in Colorado.

  • Jib Wood

    @upstatemike I used to live at vail, mike. Vail is a great mountain, and I had a good four years there, but I needed more snow, more vertical, a lot less people-and free parking helps. So, having said that me feelings remain unchanged towards the Open moving to Vail. I think DownEast said how I felt best.

  • upstatemike.

    I meant during the open, Jib.

  • Snowboarder

    But why Stratton? Cool to see people still pulling something together, but Stratton?
    Vermont seems to have so much more to offer.

  • Coming from a proud Vermonter and Open attendee since ’95 I have to say this is better for the scene. It’s not the end of an era, it’s just the start of new one, hopefully a vibrant one that’s reminiscent of the late 90’s early 00’s. Just look at all the events that took place this weekend. It’s a natural progression. The U.S. Open out grew it’s setting, that’s what happens after 30 years, you move out of the parent’s basement. And yeah, VT Open would probably be more fun if it were at Bromley or Magic but Stratton stepped up as no one else did so, that’s the way it is for now. The truth is people probably just aren’t ready for a banked slalom down Pabst Peril, though it would be incredible.