MiniDV: 03


While the nerds gathered in Vail, and the cool pro kids were chasing the snow, the Midwesterners were just doing some boarding.

Featuring: Jake Braseth, Alex Colorito, Danny Kiolbasa, James Olson, Sam Garneau, Jesse Paul, Sam Bakken, Ryan Holupchinski, Tony Marchetti, Aidan Flanagan, Andy Pearson, Andy Latterner

Film: Alex Colorito, Chris Duncan
Edit: Alex Colorito

  • yobeatmymeat

    That back 450 to soggy early off was trendy

  • Boom


  • BU$TED

  • Larry Hoover

    Guidon smokin LLLLLL’s

  • RaWBDoG

    fast times at du lac high

  • Reba

    Bean stock

  • obviously

    rocker afterbanger is trendy as fuck