Bundy Vision 6 & 7



Ted Borland’s latest creations, Bundy Vision 6 and 7, are finally here. In typical Bundy Vision time, it’s about two months late but who cares? It’s damn good.

Filming by Sean Lucey, Ted Borland, Cole Taylor, Harry Hagan, Pat Fenelon, Ross Phillips, and Tom Haraden. Check out more at lunchramp.com

  • dirt star

    bon appetite motha fucka

  • anothercanadian

    bonezone loooooooks like the funnest place on earth, all it needs is a rope tow

  • sean


  • karnkarn

    Chip’s backyard awesome.

  • fredrik

    yupp. sweet edits B ! beres killing it.

  • That Guy

    True skate style in 7

  • Dooooope!!

  • Stink pickle

    Número 7 that was genius loyd sheer genius!

  • Debaser

    thank god its going to puke snow on wednesday