The 2013 US Open Halfpipe Finals


Much US Open lore was once again proven true at the 31st annual event — even though it was in Vail for the first time EVER. The weather will be shitty as hell (by competition standards) for the Slopestyle and gorgeous for the pipe. And to no one’s surprise, Shaun White and Kelly Clark won — not even the thin Colorado air could change that.

These days a pipe contest is a pipe contest — double corks, excessive spinning and the sad realization that if Shaun White wants to win, he will. The most notable thing in Saturday’s pipe final was 14-year-old Ayumu Hirano landing in second; then again, young Japanese kids destroying shit is kinda US Open Tradition too. So enough about that, if you missed the webcast or live TV broadcast or are just itching for more pipe jocking, read this or go watch replays.

Now, getting down to business, here are a bunch more pictures I took with my Nokia Lumia 820.

Prior to the event, Upstate Mike proved just how much he loves getting extreme.

Vail is beautiful, and since I was going .0002 MPH on a cat track at this point, I had plenty of time to get out my phone and take a photo.

Windows Photo_20130302_004
Yep, there’s the halfpipe.

Windows Photo_20130302_008
After working on my goggle tan-cancer for awhile, I realized there was a TV with couches inside at the top of the pipe. Boy did I feel silly!

Windows Photo_20130302_007
And my two favorite little people we’re in there too!

After Shaun White won, it was time for lunch. This kid was there and he ruled.

I was looking for important people to take photos of, but Hondo with his “finals competitor” credential was the best I could come up with.

Windows Photo_20130302_021
Then he stole my phone and took pictures of chicks.

Including the always lovely Amanda Wormann.

Windows Photo_20130302_015
Hondo and John Poulin, Vail Represent.

Thanks again to Nokia for tricking Burton and Vail into letting me come to Open this year.

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    ile watch it when theres a voice over

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    reminiscent of kazu/powers of opens past

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