Under Review: 32 Simon Chamberlain TM2’s


Boot close up

I know what you’re thinking, boots are a very personal thing. How are you going to have someone review boots and tell me what’s good for my feet?

But this review isn’t about telling you how incredibly comfortable I found the TM2s. It’s not about them being the best lace-up boots I have used in the past 5 years. It’s about making a boot that works for you.

Normally, you get to choose your boots. But when it’s a boot review, you take what you get. Sure, ThirtyTwo could have sent me the black or white colorways. Or even the DGK or Scott Steven pro-models, those would have been a better reflection of my personality. But I got the Simon Chamberlain’s. I assumed it was some sort of divine intervention.

Boots Statue Shadow

I know a couple things about Simon Chamberlin. He rides snowboards rather well and he is a huge fan of Jesus. Seriously, have you seen his Stepchild deck for next year? Jesus to the MAXXX. That divinity scene doesn’t fly where I come from, so I was weary. But, I put the boots on, and holy crap they were comfortable. This must be what angel boots feel like. Do angels even wear boots? Maybe they only put them on when they come to Earth to tell people to start a war, or to become a priest and fondle children or something.

I spent probably 15 days in these boots. Plenty of time for them to break in, but they didn’t really need it. They are good to go right out of the box. The boots do have a larger profile than my previous ones. It wasn’t an issue for me at 10.5, I just had to let the binding straps out a bit. I can only see this being an issue if you’re running a really large size. And, initially there was one annoying spot on the inside ankle of my front foot, but that went away quickly without requiring me to do anything. Again, I assumed this was Simon and Jesus blessing me with boots crafted by the same hands as those that handed tablets to Moses atop Mt Sinai–the very same hands that created the Earth, merely 6,000 years ago. And I assume those hands are small, Chinese and probably overworked.

Profile Flame

After a few weeks of god-swaddled riding, I was forced to ask myself if this was really my riding that had been beatified, or was this riding only possible when I turn my feet over to the Christian god? I decided it was time to cleanse these boots. Infuse them with a new god. To take these boots on the left-hand path.

The boots were vandalized, lit aflame, pumped full of the complete catalogs of Wolves in the Throne Room and Blut aus Nort, bled upon, stuffed with the pages of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown (ripped from my Norton Anthology of American Literature, thanks Professor Hanson and English 388), left alone with human teeth and hung in a cemetery for three nights during the waning moon. All in an effort to expel the Jesus from them.

Flames teeth 1

Then I took them back out for more riding. How did they hold up? They still worked. Warmth? Still there. Trick-ability? Still pretty average overall, but that’s on me. Comfortable? Still plush. Badassery? Plus 10.

Whether or not you feel the boots look better now, I assure you they have held up. They are still comfortable and still supportive, just the way they should be, though the laces did melt and need to be replaced. I’m not sure what 32 is changing up for next year, but I’m certain the TM2 will remain a great boot. It’s way better than most I’ve tried. Check it out for yourself and see if the TM2 fits, both your foot and your godless lifestyle.

In the end I will give these boots four out of five upside down crosses, with the overall profile of the boot being my only complaint.

Boots 666

  • Frontlip2fakie

    It takes more balls to put a cross on your board or boots than it does and gay ass 666 or upside down cross, so take your upside down cross and sit on it cus the long end is pointing exactly where it should go

    • red

      Take your cross and let your pastor shove it up your ass. I’d chill with Satan before Jesus any day, too bad they don’t exist. So more the reason for a 32 x slayer boot, or any brand with a bit of slayer.

  • whistletits

    Putting crosses on his boards stopped taking balls the third time he did it. The fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth times he did it was super lame.

  • Frontlip2fakie

    @whistletitz I see your point, but the whole upside down cross is just as lame and repetitive, all I’m sayin

  • Moeses

    LMAO, and I don’t say fuck Jesus, but I do say FUCK HIS HYPOCRITE FOLLOWERS. Keep god out of snowboarding, which shouldn’t be hard to do, since he doesn’t exist! Later, sheeple.

  • The Troof

    The fact that this “boot review” just turned into a hate article on Simon’s religion is kinda pathetic.

  • real tasteless Yobeat, but I guess we have come to expect it.

  • damn dude

    I thought this was a review (and from what I have heard TM2’s are sick boots).

    Never intentionally bash someone else’s religion, even if you are an Atheist. Keep your opinions to yourself unless you get in an actual argument with someone that belongs to a religion you disagree with.

    Simon is a good snowboarder and I try to look at him as that even though he keeps bringing his religion to snowboarding by places crosses all over his shit (and not to mention his kooky network A/Jibberish shit with JP Walker). Lets bash on him for that and not his belief in traditional Christianity.

    Damn I just pointlessly ranted on a snowboard site about religion.

  • OhioPassion
  • ble

    lets be real, the important issue is that hes claiming 32 boots lasted more then 15 days, we all know that is heresy! blasphemer!

  • thedevil

    i dont see a cross on those boots… also haven’t seen a big cross simon base in years too. 😐

  • karnkarn

    I lost hope in 32 years ago. Box foot

  • hmmm

    Rumorator strikes.

  • a

    I love it!

  • Simon Chamberlain

    Not cool man…

  • Bra Brah

    At least he’s not JP Walker.

  • Luke

    wary*, not weary.

  • The Real O-Jesus

    You guys forget the whole point of Yobeat. MAKING FUN of snowboarding. I approve this article.

  • stingygoose

    I thought this was a screen cap from jiberish, but nope just more free gear burning

  • ill a noiz

    this is dumb.

  • East

    Wow so funny and cool and core … Not

  • Kevin

    I have ridden the TM 2’s for 3 years and loved them but this year the toe box fell off, behind my ankle folds over on both boots and I’ve had 6 eyelets on my laces break and these were not eligible for warranty. If you ride everyday I wouldn’t reccomend them for a whole season but if you get out only once in a while then they will be good. I am on park crew in NZ in the summer and park crew in Colorado for the winter and get around 300 days a year.



  • Hannah Keller

    Simon Chamberlain,
    Tons of respect for not hiding the truth! Its so hard to be a Christian snowboarder in this world.

  • doubledouche

    Blut Aus Nord is amazing, probably the best French band out there.
    Funny article, and to all you faggots that were offended: man made god, not the other way around. Read some fucking history and open your eyes.

  • KVL†

    just as simon is so open about his love for jesus, this yobeat writer is open about his love for satan. why is it that practicing the christian religion is received with open arms, while this reviewer’s religious viewpoints are bashed? guess dat christian logic prevails once again.

  • twisty mcgee

    I have to put upside down crosses on my boots because I’m always getting inverted…so don’t assume I hate jesus…as a matter of fact I do but the cross thing is legit upside down and shit…ramble ramble ramble whatev’s

  • Alfonso

    best comment section ever. so quotable

  • Fuckswag

    @kevin then youre fucked because even the best boots out there last about a hundred days before they stop giving you the support that your feet need

  • twisty mcgee

    @hannahkeller its even harder to be a blind one!! why would believing in ghosts make riding a snowboard harder? Thats kooky if you ask me

  • B.Cook

    Not impressed YoBeat.



  • piles1086

    unholy nun fucking jesus torture, i know how to break in my boots from now on! its also nice to bury your outerwear in the ground for a bit, maybe with some dead rodents to really get that death vibe going.

  • Czarek Leopold Kielbaski


  • red

    So it takes a snowboarder to have balls to rep jesus on his board? I’m athiest and cool with others having religion. But snowboarding and religion should never mix like Christian metal bands. Like really, I’m straight edge (anti-drink, anti-smoke, anti- recreational drugs), I don’t go out and put straight edge stuff all over my board or make it known I am straight edge. I’m cool with others choices. Hell I’d rather have a board with beer reference or something to piss off the old folk in the lift line, those are the ones too uptight that ruin ski hills. If I was going to buy a simon chamberlain board, I’d be going on ebay to buy slayer or any old thrash metal band stickers to put on it. I’ll give him props though for not putting that shit all over his brand or preachin it though. Three things to keep out of snowboarding, religion, country music and soccer mom’s. End of story