Oops, I missed the US Open 2013 Slopestyle Finals

Sucks when it gets tracked like this…

Here’s a fun fact about Vail, Colorado. It’s the number one ski vacation destination for the extremely wealthy residents of Mexico City. The filthy rich flee Mexico’s biggest city like clockwork on Christmas and Easter, and for their children, who live with bodyguards so they don’t get kidnapped, it’s the only time they’re on their own. Needless to say, mayhem ensues.

Like snowboarders, these privileged kids from Mexico love to have a good time and Vail provides, so take that into account before you get too mad about the US Open moving to Colorado. Chances are you’ve heard a bunch of people bitch about it being against the spirit of the contest and a slap in the face of Vermont, so let me just put this out there. The town of Vail is stoked to have a reason for snowboarders to come there (the endless traverses are not one of them), beer is stronger at 10k feet, and Burton wanted to turn the event into an X Games-style festival. So that’s that. Love it or hate it, that part’s up to you.

Zach Nigro sits at a desk in Vermont usually. He was a little excited by the pow.

Today I woke up to pow, and had a mountain with actual terrain, and lots of it. The forecast had called for 1-3 inches, the report said 5 inches and the truth was more like knee deep, dude. It was so deep that any desire to watch people spin 1260’s was squashed with my first face shot. Bummer.

I made it back to Golden Peak just in time to hear that Mark McMorris had won for the guys and that the course was slow, very slow. After a few more fun runs (this time with East coasters) I learned the women’s final was canceled because let’s face it, the ACL surgery required would have bankrupted women’s snowboarding. Spencer O’Brien dethroned Jamie Anderson by default, but if you saw her prelims run, she earned her 45k (and that’s not just me trying to get free drinks talking.) If you want lots of details, read the press release or something. Otherwise, check out more sweet cell phone pics I took with the Nokia Lumia 820.

I got this close to awards. Any closer and they would have taken away my beer.

After the men’s runs there was a very official press conference. Mark McMorris explained the tricks he did to all the nerds who just watched his run on the webcast, but still didn’t know.

If you ever get the chance to board with Upstate Mike, I recommend it.

Despite the sticker that clearly read “I only ride handrails — everything else sucks” on his bindings, Mike caught some air.

Oh yeah, the contest. This was the best place to watch it.

Does anyone else see the irony in a warning sign that says “no warnings?”

Thanks to Nokia for getting me to the Open this year. I would have really blown it by missing out on one of the best pow days of the year at Vail.

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  1. Shaun
    Shaun says:

    The announcer sang a song about chas’s run. I had to immediately punch the person closest to me.

  2. Jib Wood
    Jib Wood says:

    jesus, the crowd in that top pic is massive-good thinking burton, moving the open to vail has already paid off.

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