Thursdays at the Office: The Instagram Coach


Brooke has a serious problem with Instagram. In an attempt to get her to give the mobile Internet a break, Justin hired a real social media professional, Ricky Hower, to show her the ways of the ‘gram.

  • OhioPassion

    i really wish my phone made that noise everytime i took pictures

  • OhioPassion

    mat hoffman where you at bro

  • snatch

    live your life with the least amount of time spend looking at a 3 inch screen. people wanna see the cool/beautiful shit you see but don’t have the balls to go outside and fucking find it on their own.

  • JP Walker

    “Gotta watch that a couple more times with a pen and notepad” Said no one ever!

  • boneyballsack

    needs more justin and less of everyone else

  • T raw

    I’m deleting my Instagram……

  • snowdread

    OhioPassion is a kook

  • dear leader

    i looked up @sexyboyshades and there is no account for them. i dont know what to believe anymore.

  • mn

    Hahah anyone catch the box of boards that said ” Your sponsored bro”

  • Jeff Holce is God

    jeff holce doesn’t have instagram so neither do i

  • One crazy childan

    good to see whitefish gettin some rep!!!!

  • dirt star

    needs more tits

  • Puff The Magic Dragon

    I felt like I was watching some porn intro

  • wade thomas

    worst tattoos i have seen in a minute

  • Meat Mouse

    I actually don’t mind instagram

  • Adrian

    So, no porno?

  • piles1086

    everything in this story is a 100% true, because yobeat, masters of the universe, create their own reality.