Bet You Can’t- Trollhaugen


Kayli Hendricks goes for a cab 270-270 out at Trollhaugen. I guess girls can be sort of good at snowboarding now. Even though she clearly lands in a front blunt by accident, we’ll still count it.

  • Mitch

    video is private

  • yobeatmymeat

    hey Yobeat….bet you can’t make the video watchable

  • Ski Baby

    Bet you can’t pee standin up.

  • Skilmer

    That was a man sized ollie

  • That Guy

    Is just everyone at Trollhaugen dirty at snowboarding

  • a yobeat fagg


  • yup

    id let her slide my rail


    damn dat gurl be boss haugen

  • Keith Stone

    id let her cab 270 my rail

  • Obviously

    She’s a babe.

  • Jason

    DAMN, that was legit!


    Minnow cant even do that trick! Troll 4 life!

  • That Kid

    she’s 16…..

  • doe

    bet she cant lipslide my polejam, but then again i bet she can doe

  • JP Walker

    I’m not gonna reference my penis on this thread.

  • ber

    damn girl that was tight. why is that the trollhaugen videos are so awkward

  • well…

    i bet you cant show your tits

  • Dear Lord

    I think this chick just graduated from kitchen duty.

  • soo…

    what’s her number?

  • i hate how snowboard chicks talk….

  • She’s going to man handle your bitch like she did that rail.

  • Gaper

    Cab 270, 270 out…with a tap. Damn shes next level

  • Gaper

    But then again I couldnt do that with or without a tap so she has me beat there

  • Adam

    What a babe

  • Snow

    Girls from Minnesota/Wisconsin can.

    • seb tuts

      can. suck a mean dick

  • proper police

    she tapped

  • jp walker’s dick

    look at what you can accomplish when you keep a lean bag of tricks

  • my bad

    Her bestfriends number is 1 612 636 9930, her phone is broke.

  • Trollhaugen


  • squares

    good god, these comments

  • Gangsta Possé

    @Trollhaugen : Finally…

  • that was hot.

  • It’sLegalForMe

    I wish I was that rail because she let it hit her from the back…

  • jank

    i hope that this is the last cab 270 attempted by a girl….dat was ugggggglyyy

  • jank is bunk

    you a hoe jank

  • @jank


  • stingygoose

    10/10 would wife that if given the opportunity

  • nate

    I can hear Dane B. in the background.

  • Snolerblades