The 2013 Ice Coast Classic

John Haynes sporting the monkey tail mustache.

Words and photos by Erik Hoffman

Roughly two and a half hours from the epicenter of the tri state area lies the Town of Hunter, New York. As I made my way through the cliff-lined winding roads, trying to ignore my passengers issuing complaint after complaint about my taste in music, my morale was nearly as low as my expectations. What I didn’t expect was the crew of awesome people that make up the local mountain community. Ice Coast Board Shop seems to be the glue that holds it all together and Saturday, February 23rd, they put on the annual Ice Coast Classic.

This guy looks a little young to be grabbing in front of his binding.

Despite my expectations, the turn out was great. Everyone had a beer in hand as well as a smile on their face. The course was on point and contrary to the event name, the snow stayed soft as a light mist fell. Riders had plenty of room for creativity but the waterfall rail was the crowd pleaser.

Chad Strother spotting a frontside 270 to the bottom of the waterfall.

Colton Boehlke started off the finals with an attempt at a gap backside 360 to the last down of the waterfall, setting the stage for quite a show. Chaos then ensued, with the likes of Chad Strother, Chuckie B, as well as none other than Jasper Kahn, back from his new home in Portland, Oregon. In the end Chuckie took the $500 cash prize and with everyone else was off to Ice Coast to hangout and have some good eats that Maggie’s Krooked Café provided, I might add that Maggie makes a mean meatball.

Hometown hero Jasper Kahn with a backside lipslide.

After everyone had their fair share of Maggie’s delicious food they headed to the Spinning Room across the street to finish off the night and what a night it was. I’d like to throw a quick thanks to everyone at Hunter, Ice Coast Board Shop, and my friends from Windells for a great weekend and for being great people. I plan on making another trip there as soon as possible, and you should too. Don’t forget if you’re in the area check out some local art and get whatever you need for a great shredding experience at Ice Coast Board Shop.

1st- Chuckie B
2nd- Chad Strother
3rd- Jasper Kahn

Park working hard keeping the course fresh.

Matt Soranno can shred the bass as well as this Neff feature.

I’ll be honest I blew the shot but I wasn’t expecting a front flip either.

Buddy on the mic announcing the event

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    Ice coast kills shit! Can’t go visit those guys and not be down for life. Awesome stuff happening at Hunter mountain!

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