Quik Pulls Out of Snow?

Rumor has it Quiksilver has relinquished its entire snow team except for Travis Rice (probably because he transcends all sports) and almost its entire skate team as well. We’ll post the official press release when one comes out, but for now, let’s all express our outrage with little-to-no information.

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  1. not quicksilver! they were so humble and true to the sport!
    not quicksilver! they were so humble and true to the sport! says:

    WHAT??!! A huge corporation fucked over a bunch of awesome people for what is probably a rediculous reason?? I can’t believe this shit!

  2. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    This makes no sense. They just signed a bunch of guys. Not to mention every ad on every skate site is for their shoes…

  3. Realitycheque
    Realitycheque says:

    @reality101 whaaaat the fuck are you talking about? You should really educate yourself before you go and start regurgitating some bullshit information that your mom fed your dumbass.

  4. If they did that Lib and Gnu would not exist.
    If they did that Lib and Gnu would not exist. says:

    Lib, gnu, roxy are all owned by quiksilver. I find it hard to believe that a company that grossed $1 billion dollars last year would pull the plug. But look at Burton, they gave up on the biggest best team in snowboarding. Lets just all make wooden snowboards like Spring break and the VT Huffman bros.

  5. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    I love how tender some are getting as high unemployment continues, healthcare regulations are enacted, fuel prices continue to rise. What the “fuck ” am I talking about will go way above low information voters thought abilities and the “believers” out there. Realitycheque, the Federal reserve continues quantitative easing so the stock market is artificially inflated, Obama has spent 5.2 trillion dollars in an effort on many levels to “stimulate the economy yet unemployment has stayed at the new norm of 8 percent. Thank goodness China still loans us approximately 34 cents of every dollar to subsidize his monumental spending. Wake up realitycheque, a Senate lead by Democrats has not produced a budget in 4plus years making the argument that “I’ll go line by line, item by item and make the necessary cuts”, Obama has done that, or slowed his spending one pinch. The cost of doing business in this nation has gone up and that’s a fact. How many companies have closed, cut hours,discontinued brands,cut teams,cancelled contests, small board shops closed…….8.5 million less people are in the workforce since 2009 yet America spent a trillion and unemployment wasn’t going to go above 6percent we were told. What’s so great is this is Obamas second term, it’s time to see some leadership and yes he owns the economic results we are ALL seeing, feeling and paying for. If its all just made up why is unemployment payments, food stamp use and disability supplemental income at all time highs? Get ready for more cause its only gonna get worse folks. I could care less for low information voters responses, reap what you sowed from a Democrat controlled Senate since 2006, and a Democrat controlled Whitehouse since 2008, Republican regained Congress since 2011……..Time for our campaigner/golfer in chief to lead. Own it

  6. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    One typo “has not done that” oh well it’s early, I am typing quick so I can go to work. Gotta work so we can support al who don’t now. Mmmmmmh mmmmmh mmmmmh Barrack Hussein Obama. I hate politics and snowboarding coming together, but I also hate to pretend that politics and economics aren’t affecting the business of the sport I love. Wake up and read.

  7. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    When’s healthcare costs gonna go down? Do you know what the30/50 rule is? Do you have your qualifying health insurance that is mandatory in 10 months? Or are you just gonna pay the 895 dollar penalty? Yobeat should do a couple of interviews with some company owners and top pros on the new regulations and tax increases? Is business as rewarding? Is the economy weaker or stronger? How are sales of product? Is the increase in healthcare affecting your bottom line? Are you trimming your work hours and workforce to adhere to the 30/50 rule? Some top pros are definitely in the now vilified realms of the top 3 percent earners, how does it feel to pay your “fair share”.

  8. @reality101
    @reality101 says:

    we are snowboarders not debaters fuck outta here with this shit. no one is going to read this bull shit garbage

  9. hagfish
    hagfish says:

    Don’t know where you got “Pulling out of snow”, dropped a bunch of riders (but not all of them) as well as laid of a bunch of emploies across all of their sports. Also dropped Quicksilver Girls, Quicksilver Women and DC Women.

  10. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    No more ” over your head” posts from me until the next team layoff party or company closure. Unfortunately I know better and I know what’s ahead. It’s too bad I have to write these truths, I wish I was wrong. Mmmmmmmh,mmmmmmmmh,mmmmmmmh and to the riders who do have contracts, cherish them.

  11. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    No more ” over your head” posts from me until the next team layoff party or company closure. Unfortunately I know better and I know what’s ahead. It’s too bad I have to write these truths, I wish I was wrong and to the riders who do have contracts, cherish them.

  12. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Oh, and to my haters, I comment on many sites, you just don’t read them. Low information voters caused this, own what you did. For a NOBODY I sure do ride a lot when I’m not reading. What did I write that upsets you? BYE. For real, gonna go drop in on my private lighted park with a pro you wish you were half as good as.

  13. cheesecurds
    cheesecurds says:

    reality101: taking shit seriously for since 1986.

    We all get that your super well educated, really good at snowboarding, and hang out with pros, but unfortunately, no one really cares on the Yobeat comment boards. No matter how well you put an argument together, people will hate on it… chill out, brahhh

  14. cheesecurds
    cheesecurds says:

    seriously, doe. Quik, you were on the right track, with a proper ass team, but damn, BLOWING IT now… bummed

  15. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Fred Deluca of Subway sandwiches addressed the issues yesterday on CNBC. He said Subway would not have survived if it had tried to open now, he mentions government regulations and Obamacare plus did you guys read that Americas GDP grew at a paltry 0.1 percent. These are facts business’s weigh when budgeting and planning for the coming year.
    I find it unfortunate that a few of you down play YoBeats comment board and readership. If we are snowboarders we look at things differently, we cheer on the individual(Travis RIce for example) and we are for individual choice and rights……all things that are now under siege by this administration.
    Off to go shred ALL day yo, really am sorry if my point of view and daily reading upset anyone. Like many where rubbing in my face “elections have consequences”, I just wish they hadn’t based this sassy-ness off the shows on Comedy Central…

  16. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Curious, since when did snowboarders scoop out their brains and just hop in the mindset of “everybody else.” Fellas I shred just like you. I believe in myself not government. I earn a dollar, I wanna keep as much as i can and not be told I’m evil for that. I fill up my gas tank it costs 80 dollars, that’s 30 dollars I don’t have towards buying gloves, or next years pass. Eh, pass is a bad example, last two were free but I think you get what I’m saying. Tip of the day: if you have the money, fill your gas tank cause petroleum is going to keep going up. And don’t hate on petroleum, most boards, boots, bindings,sunglasses and clothing are petroleum based and at the very least gas gets these items to market. When was the last shipment of boards you saw carried by peddle cab?

  17. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    UN-AMerican!!! Thank goodness for smart phones. Gotta reply. So you see folks all jnorth has is to say I’m “UN-American” just because he can’t refute what I’ve posted. So sorry jnorth, be specific “What exactly did I write that upsets you or is untrue?” Jnorth is a believer and I can tell by his suggestion of “UN-American” he’s learned this from the acting administration, don’t answer, don’t be specific…..just attack, call names, and change the topic. Jnorth I have a question for you. At what point does Obama become responsible for his actions and the resulting affects? He’s the president, it’s time he leads and time he owns his administration and its policies, from drones to the economy, when J! When?

  18. this guy
    this guy says:

    This guy is hilarious. These were my 4 favorite lines.

    “I hate politics and snowboarding coming together.”

    “For real, gonna go drop in on my private lighted park with a pro you wish you were half as good as.”

    ” Eh, pass is a bad example, last two were free but I think you get what I’m saying.”

    “Oh by the way, been shredding 27 years and I get paid to ride. Uuuuuuunnnnngh son, get educated.”

  19. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    I said I hate the repercussions of politics on the business of snowboarding. What’s hilarious is how uninformed most of you are. So the 12.5 million people looking for full time work, that’s hilarious. So the 83 percent rise in fuel costs, that’s hilarious. So the increase in health insurance, that’s hilarious, even though it was passed to reduce the cost. So the fact 11,000 plus signing up for food stamps everyday, that’s hilarious. So the founder of Subway says he couldn’t start Subway in these times of Obama, that’s hilarious. So the fact an ambassador was killed in Benghazi, the first since 1979, again hilarious. So North Korea setting off two nuclear devices, again that’s hilarious. So the fact food prices are rising, that’s hilarious. “That Guy” what’s hilarious is its gonna get worse and those on the left are going to have a harder time making excuses for Obama……..so still no answer ” When’s Barry responsible for this?” Bet any of you, more teams cut, less companies around in ten months. If I’m wrong laugh, but when you see it occur know I told you so… Your naïveté is hilarious.

  20. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    And the thought that this economy has had no repercussions on the snowboard industry, fucking hilarious…… Gotta go pack, riding next five days straight.

  21. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    And you know what, I’ll go out on a limb here. Any of you wanna hear a truly inspirational guy, one who could out debate Barrack in 19 minutes, a guy who doesn’t blame others, or ATM’s, or the weather like our president does. Google Ben Carson, pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins, I love watching Barry squirm. Yeah, go ahead, pediatric neurosurgeon he’s a dumbass. He presents alternatives to Obamacare and a tax structure that would encourage business, growth, independence and above all does it without demonizing people. I hope he runs in 2016, he has said “I’m not in the Democrat Party, I’m not in the Republican Party, I like to consider myself in theThinking Party”. I think. I know a few of you should start thinking. Gonna watch the video of him now, again, try it out. Again gotta pack, shred mission

  22. I can see russia from my backyard
    I can see russia from my backyard says:

    another example of why the rest of the world majorly dislikes americans, with educated (havent seen his cv yet…) loud mouths such as Mr I am so into reality right now.
    go snowboard ya tool and fall off a cliff, so we can land and stomp on you and get it out on our gopro for our people court section…

  23. cheesecurds
    cheesecurds says:

    I have it on good authority that Quik didn’t drop anybody. not sure if that’s been said yet, tho.

  24. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    So odd how snowboarders dislike Chinese manufactured snowboards yet when some vote they are so for borrowing money from the Chinese. So Chinese boards: BAD Chinese money:GOOD
    “Why so many countries dislike Americans”. Who? Socialist nations like France, Spain or Greece. They all hope Germany keeps bailing the EU out.

    Been shredding last three days straight back for more

    Fellas, ladies…….by your comments…….I could out debate you anytime, anyplace but I don’t need to. Barrack Hussein Obama is our leader for the next 3.5 years, I am ready to see the magic. This is president is a joke, but you all got what you wanted I hope but not seeing any good change. Still no solid rebuttal FYI. Back to shredding, how’s living at your moms working for you?

  25. reality90210 the real deal
    reality90210 the real deal says:

    Im a chump im from chump school i came top in chumping. Blahblah on behalf of my little psychotic brother i apologise he ran out of his meds over the last few days but thanks to the now free healthcare he can actually get it regularly like in all other 1st world countries.

  26. realtalk
    realtalk says:

    This world doesnt have right/wrong answers but at least realtalk101 is making you think. Government affects all of us.

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