New in the Yobeat Store!


Yeah, we read that LA Times article about snowboarding too. We know we’re screwed. But since Brooke already bought the shark tank and shark, and those things are expensive to feed, we’re branching out with this shirt. Or something. It features arguably the best photo ever taken and is available now in the Yobeat storeBUY ONE RIGHT NOW. pretty please.


If avian-themed things aren’t your bag, here’s another new shirt that actually SAYS snowboarding. That’s right, you won’t have to explain what Yobeat is, as much.

Get one:

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  1. hellen keller
    hellen keller says:

    always good to see the cig smoking rooster but the second shirt… really bros? a fucking clip art mountain similar to possibly every mountain’s logo and then the word ‘snowboarding’ after your name? better than ‘yobeat original designs’ I guess.

  2. pk
    pk says:

    lol at that article,

    “It felt like you had no control over the direction you are going,”

    He said he gave it up because he felt beat up and frustrated when he was done.

    put that shit on a tshirt and ill buy 12

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