Girls Girls Girls!


Even though I have a vagina myself, I can laugh at the stereotypes of women’s snowboarding. We do stick our butts out and enjoy sleeping in real beds over yurts. But guess what guys, it’s just snowboarding. And when girls are around, the hot tub ends up a lot less awkward. So let me step off my soapbox and let some more capable babes show you up.

Stephanie Sue Feld and Emily Blewitt took a couple days off from the kitchen to head to Colorado, and do some boarding.

Now, society and you little shitheads may think Vera Janssen should be at home taking care of the children, but instead, she’s poised to become the first mom to have continue a successful pro career. Hell, she even just got on Nikita Snowboards.

And finally a couple entries from the Shooting Star Video contest. The deadline for entry is this Thursday, so if you’re slacking, stop it and send in some hot video action! Get more info and see all the entries so far here.

Melissa Riitano

Luci Imbach

Christy Prior

PS. While technically we can’t disallow dudes from entering this contest, you might not want to do it…

Shooting Star 2013:

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  1. Fuckbitches
    Fuckbitches says:

    Fuck woman’s snowboarding. Every one of these tricks any 13 year old kid could do first try. No one likes girls snowboarding because their enders are guys warm up tricks.

  2. @FuckBitches
    @FuckBitches says:

    Yeah Dude, Guys Rule, Girls Drewl….I hate bitches too! with their curvy bodies, and breasts and their sweet pink vaginas….your so right dude…fucking kook…I think most dudes hate on woman’s snowboarding because even though any 13 year old can do those tricks first try, its actually bullshit, and unless your sponsored or some shit, most these bitches will make you look like a bitch, bitch.

  3. Fuckbitches
    Fuckbitches says:

    Enders are as follows: cork 5, switch front lip, back one indie, back 270 to fall off early, and then some skiing and falling 4 times. Not saying girls arnt hot and all. But maybe if I saw a cool trick id care a little more about girls snowboarding. When was the last time your saw a 5050 front 1 out in a guys edit and thought damn that was sick. Never.

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