Hungry Hobos 2


Buncha punks, up to no good.

Josh Bishop, Kyle Hay, Madison Ellsworth, Zach Rawles, and Austin Julik-Heine do some Boardin at Woodward @ Copper.

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  • that was chyll

  • Dicks

    Hobos can’t afford snowboards, or to attend camps for rich kids like Woodward. Dicks.

  • Thank you! If you have never experienced hobo life don’t ACT like you have. Kids trying to make a trend out of some real life shit.

  • Idiots

    @Dicks- Madison rides for YES Zach rides for Artec Austin rides for Burton. Mark Wilson, Brandon Hobush, Derek Lever, Dylan Drogotta… list goes on. And most of them work at windells in the summer. Hmmm Seems yr the Dick.

  • @Idiots- You just basically said that these dudes are portraying to be hobos, idiot.

  • wildo

    you just used portraying incorrectly… idiot

  • Logical Thought

    Yobeat is so gay. Everyone on here loves to make fun of everyone who puts out a video unless it’s some next level, crazy, never seen this before type edit. Everyone who makes a snowboard video is obviously having a shit ton of fun, so isn’t that hype enough. All you yobeat queers probably spend more time on here nit-picking every small aspect of every edit than actually riding your snowboard. The only reason i go on this site is because the videos are cool. Suck my dick. Fuck yobeat, fuck cats, fuck the moon and most of all fuck corn on the cob. Juicy J is the best trend in snowboarding history! TURNT

  • snatch

    i didnt know that much fun was allowed on a snowboard

  • Write a book you cool guy. The video was good. Change the name.

  • human

    park edits make me want to shoot myself

  • well

    Hobo- noun, One who wanders from place to place without a permanent home or a means of livelihood. Derived from the term “Homeward Bound.”
    If you really want to start discussing semantics on a snowboard website comment board, which is fucking ridiculous, I don’t think there’s anything in this video other than the name to support the idea that these guys are attempting to portray themselves as vagrant street dwellers. The name of the company is Hobo. As in, one who wanders. As in, homeward bound, if you want to get all existential. Calling them Hobos as a collective group of people who rides for Hobo kind of makes sense.
    But there was some snowboarding in that video.

  • Colin

    Copper is the best mountain in colorado by far

  • Adam

    Last one was better

  • frontside zeach

    who gives a fuck about what hobo means, there all very fun riders to watch

  • ….

    Sorry for comment 3. 5. and 9. I’m a dumbass. Keep doing your thing hobos.

  • Park Crew Jizzing

    Everything at Copper looks very well maintained. So much so that it makes even the smoothest riders look sketchy.

  • Hobo Tom

    I love cat food

  • Das wassup

  • zspleef