Heavy Quitters 4: Black Out at Bear

The Cats present:

A classic Saturday night with Jeremy Estorga Richie Conklin Joe Breezy Oliver Dixon Nirvana and Jordan Small, Not Alex Cato.

Filmed by Da Homies

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  1. alex cato
    alex cato says:

    i watched this while masturbating, and could barely finish, before i finished… if you know what i mean. #reallyhottguyssnowboardingshirtless

  2. By the looks of it
    By the looks of it says:

    a total of 7 beers were drank throughout the course of the night, what a bunch of fucking party animals!

  3. Joni Mitchell
    Joni Mitchell says:

    I was going to comment “this edit has really good music” then i realized vimeo was on mute and it was playing my music. huh

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