On Donuts and Biscuits


Pretty sure those are next year’s boards. These guys are TOTALLY sponsored.

Featuring Ryland West, Roger Post, Peter Whitehead, Tilghman Wendel and Niko Nakamura. Shot by Tilghman and Stacey Alonzo. Edit by Tilghman.

  • Lolz

    These guys killed it, I liked the guys style that closed

  • jeremy Estorga

    eat your heart out jerm 0:18

  • yodick

    that ender was flaccid like a whisky weenie

  • Fish Sticks

    I’ve seen these guys around Tahoe, and they kill it. Looking forward to the next edit! Not sure I get the name, but for some reason I like it.

  • Tom Caruana

    Now that’s some vintage Roger Post right theya

  • Yo Fish STICKS

    ” ‘Donuts’ meaning vinyl records (a term coined by the late J dilla) and ‘biscuits’ being a gun (made popular by the Wu-Tang Clan). On Donuts and Biscuits (ODB) pays homage to dusty beats while showcasing some of Truckee/Lake Tahoe’s most promising riders. ”


  • @jeremy estorga, oh i know. my move doesnt show up that often but when it does it wows everyone.

  • Jarrome

    MJ is alive

  • ble

    yeah boys! good stuff.

  • the bean

    You should feature those donner kids at boreal. They kill it.

  • You Know It


  • yobeatmymeat

    putting tranny’s on the sides of rails just makes it seem acceptable to fall off early

  • Obama

    Ryland is the man!!!!!! Kid kills it with a good attitude!

  • AndrewBrewer

    Heck yeah dudes that was sick. Some crazy tricks in there!!