Spanish Paella Pre-Teaser


It’s a pre-teaser, which means there’s another teaser and a full movie to come, and if these Spaniards keep crashing like this, we’re down.



  • Shaun WHiTE

    bummer… :'(

  • SD

    Super damn

  • kevin

    Spaniard cats are core as fuuuuuuck.

  • basshole

    damn that was a solid ass crash segment. hopefully they land tricks every once in a while too….

  • ….

    Yall niggas filming for scarred?

  • Dopeninja

    This looks so fucking sick

  • knive to the poophole clip freaked me out.

  • JP Walker

    Best teaser yet.

  • wait, there’s snowboarding in spain..?

  • didnn’t wanna do this

    JP WALKERRR your a fuck head

  • Rico

    la ouch

  • karnkarn

    I like Spaniards.