90 Seconds With Sami Luhtanen


Dakine is backing this kid AND he’s from Finland so hes gotta be good.

  • seriously though.. Pat milbery

  • Sami Luhtanen

    I <3 tuh do trricks everywherre

  • another Ride Snowboards bro with shit style…. suprise

  • sucralose

    american snowboarders have to have the least fun out of the rest of the snowboarders in the world. they care too much of what other people think and stupid shit. this dude killed it.

  • pol

    this dude is so good at rails and jumps.. and that goddamn ender i had to rewatch 5 times

  • rob

    really enjoyable apart from a couple of dirty zeaches

  • rackadilly

    Backside over willy

  • I nominate Sami for…

    zeach of the year

  • JP Walker

    He likes to do tricks everywhere!? Wheres the backcountry shots?

  • kyle

    that backlip was proppppperrrrrr

  • Rico

    backflip out makes up for the back over willy or whatever that was right?

  • Colin

    Front boards are suppose to be sideways you know that right?

  • Lil ‘Bud’dha

    quarterpipe double was nuts, you dont see that shit often enough

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    Aw yeah, that last jump was so fuckin sick!