The People’s Court: Will Mayo vs Paul Gilbert


Ignore the URL and image above. We had some technical difficulties this week and one kid from Okemo got matched up against 6 kids from Waterville. It just didn’t seem fair. So instead, we have a guest People’s Court, paired up by the Catfish himself. Remember, someone is gonna get actually sponsored by Arnette from this shit, so choose wisely.

Will Mayo


Paul Gilbert

The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of each weekly battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear and be in contention for the year-end battle with a grand prize of a one-year Arnette sponsorship. To submit your edit, email the link to [email protected]

  • Where’s Ezra’s video?

  • csm

    will mayo still shooting for internet glory, lol

  • JP Walker

    That first kid thanked Smith. Why is he here?

  • partypanther

    how do we vote for just the cigarette trick and jameson drinking

  • Rego

    the cig trick should of been the ender.

  • MoleHole

    Pauly G shittin on em, if only oregon had urban…

  • peppa don

    paul wins on default. he is cooler than all of you marks.

  • Minnesnowta

    Will mayo’s edit was awesome.

  • d

    Will Mayo sucks

  • Max H Paul shreds harder on a guitar and wears a space suit

  • sucralose

    second dude had better style and tricks, but did all his stuff in the park on much smaller rails. voting for the first dude.

  • the dude


  • Dopeninja

    I’m with the catfish. EZRA!!!

  • Boyd

    Peppa don knows.

  • mayo is gayo

  • fiend

    i kept thinking the first guy was a skier, made me very uncomfortable.

  • SD

    Heck yea vote for Paul he shreds guitar parties harder then you and is all around a good dude

  • wantsthed

    Obviously Paul, he is the sex of sexy.

  • Tampongirlfromtoohard

    Will mayo puts Gatorade stickers on his board. Nuff said.

  • Halloweezy

    Voted based on the quality of riding not silly party tricks or who drinks more. Mayo got my vote!

  • G

    @ JP Walker if a company (like Smith) is helping you out why the fuck wouldn’t you thank them? you probably wouldn’t know that though because no company would pick you up so just keep surfing the internet and riding your Union/Capita/ThirtyTwo/Airblaster/Holden/Ashbury shit you douche

  • That Guy

    Paul seems like he’d be way more fun to chill with

  • 1st dude

    second video didn’t have one street shot in it, dude was still killin it but way more respect for Will hitting bigger rails in the streets. he has my vote

  • steinsmanberg

    @G: Just to clarify I believe he was referring to the fact that this is an Arnette sponsor competition and he clearly already has an eyeware sponsor…

  • @G

    agreed with you to the point until you dissed everything i own

  • Dickshit

    Eating a cig is a clear reflection on ability to snowboard. everyone knows this.

  • YobeatMeoff

    Luke Zajac should still win

  • ∆

    it’s hard to vote for either of these clowns. west coast kids suck. grow up on the east coast, learn how to snowboard, and then move out west.

  • Joe Dirt


  • Phil Nolson

    will mayo rides the public park because hcsc wont let him ride for free

  • Idiots

    @ triangle sign. Yea your dumb.

  • CSMhotdogbutt

    Cloe St Martin, still shooting microwaved hotdogs in his butt so he can sleep at night and not feel lonely, LAWL X) <3 8=D ( | )

  • Puff The Magic Dragon

    Will is clearly the better rider and his intro gave me inspiration to go and do something cool and artsy hipsterish with my life

  • OhioPassion

    saw this fool do that cig trick while flipping his kayak, pretty dope

  • kunta kinte

    Living in Summit County I can confirm that Will Mayo is a faggot and not at all fun to party with. But, I gotta give him respect for getting that many urban shots in half a season. That’s a lot of work.

  • Will Ferrel

    Really isn’t fair to put up a kid sponsored by smith with a full part of street up against someone who sent in his park footy. Im voting for Paul because this shits no fair and he killed it.

  • first kid already has a goggle sponsor so he can fuck off
    second bro had too much bro lifestyle filler and a whack ass song
    I award them no points, and may god have mercy on their souls

  • Peppa Don

    Patty Mayonnaise can throat Doug Funny dick. Who the fuck wears helmets still? maybe its to protect
    his chillum county dreads. Safety is for marks. Paul should receive money from Yobeat… he needs a victory cig for winning this epic match up on the peoples court.

  • todd

    the way second dude landed his ender made me vote first dude

  • todd

    i mean the other way around

  • Guys Inside Guys

    Not a fan of the music in the second video. Put me to sleep. Secondly, the riding, production value, and overall feel of the first video was way better. Will Mayo for Mayor. I shold get a gopro and shoot an entire video part on it.

  • Dos

    Mayo all day!! Killin it buddy!

  • Will Mayo? ha. you’re kidding right? The kid is a superjock wannabe. He’s one of the most arrogant, narcissistic douche’s I’ve had the misfortune to meet while at Keystone. Keystone is a chill place, Will Mayo is a douche.

  • these comments are asinine

  • IceCoast

    @∆ , you’re retarded. Will Mayo is from the east, then moved west recently. Check your facts before you talk shit.

  • Super Jock

    @Jonny sucks cock still, whether you like it or not snowboarding is a sport and in most of your opinions sports= “jocks”. Every good snowboarder out there does some “jock” type of activities such as stretch, ride a bike, some even lift weights to prevent injury and to be a better rider. If you spent more time doing theses things you might be a better rider. But while you all still and hate Mayo is out getting more shots for a full part. Will is one of the most motivated riders out there and could care less about all the hate bc any publicity is good right and you all are talkin about him.

  • Don’t hate, masturbate

    Both edits are great, but couldn’t get out of my mind that the second guy was just another park edit. Good stuff, but ultimately the same things i’ve seen a thousand times. Probably could have been edited down for length, too. Both riders were solid, but the first video was just plainly better in pretty much every way it could be.

  • North Carolina

    How did Gilbert get a recess skate deck. I wonder if he is friends with versace carolina gucci thrilla mane.

  • MiniMayo

    Nah, Mayo is a solidly average rider but based on his ego you would think he just won xgames. This sport is filled with average riders, with arrogant, cocky fronts. Will Mayo is one of them. You don’t get a hall pass for being a mediocre park rider… Mayo is a douche

  • csm

    @”csmhotdogbutt” which im probably guessing is will mayo, kudos on the ever typical funny non serious insult attempt, you prove even more that you still a kook. best wishes, CSM and the hot dog flavored water.

  • Sounds like Cock Suck Master needs a new hobby besides stocking kids He’s secrecty in love with. Take the dick outta your mouth, I can’t understand you.

  • dingleberry

    + the filming in Mayo’s edit was pretty shitty

  • pirate

    I love Dwd, but i don’t agree with a pretty tall rider who rides a 147 Brat, wich is pretty much a female board.

  • Staples

    You all sound like a bunch of 16 year old girls, whats with all the stupid hate talking, is this a popularity contest or is it to see who is the better snowboarder and had the better edit? Oh thats right, its about the snowboarding and mayo’s edit is better, jeezus.

  • Cole st martin

    @christian your so clever I’d love to lick status snowboards ex team manager will mayos left butt cheek I idolize him IM IN LOVE

  • just tired of late presses man

    hey Orton and Gilbert, I know both of you are good dudes but when you tap on a press you’ve failed the trick so cut that clip or do it again. still killing it for sure but come on..

  • hellen keller

    Did you guys see a zeach on paul’s ender? I sure as fuck didn’t.

  • Super Jock

    Cole JW wheres your full part or half part I cant seem to find it?

  • Piratesabitch

    hey (butt)Pirate, paul is like not even 5 feet tall you idiot

  • Dopeninja


  • jeenyus

    What the hell is going on in here? haha! This is mayhem. Gotta love Yobeat and all the beat-off kids always hatin’ on pretty much everything. haha!

  • hanzyolo

    Don’t get how mayo is going to have two goggle sponsors?

  • hanzyolo

    guess it doesn’t really matter gilbert will win anyway

  • Jamaican circle JERK

    I vute Gilbert MOn! booooooooooi

  • karnkarn

    Reputation and character is important. Urban vs. Park footage…