Newts Cast 2013


Core shops around the country are struggling. The economy sucks and the internet is a big meanie, etc etc. But you can keep the dream alive by ACTUALLY BUYING SHIT from them, or at the very least, watch this latest edit from Newt and Harold’s in the great state of Idaho.

Riders: Jacob St. John, Loren Exon, AJ Ogden, Ben Woodard, Thom Uecker, Pat Miller
Shot by: Derek Weimer | Thom Uecker | Phil Damianakes
Edit by: Derek Weimer

  • anothercanadian

    boonie hats are so in

  • irresponsiblecameron

    fuck yeah. mystery district killing it this year

  • sun valley steppin up doee

  • Rico

    fuck. what the fuck. holy fuck. that fucking rainbow barrel thingy?!?! me gusta!

  • OhioPassion

    im too broke to even buy lift tickets

  • Very well Done Everyone!

  • Dopeninja

    That was sick! Sun Valley!

  • this was sick, 1:52 was gnarly.

  • fucking sick!

  • Metapod

    that was sick but that last 2 sided closeout feature has to be the most dangerous park feature in existence

  • puntcuntssmokeblunts

    D-wreck bringing the flames!

  • Idahate

    Idaho parks are looking good!

  • Newts is hands down the best board shop in the world


    2:04 what THE FUCK!!?!!?!!!!

  • Brandon Rago