Emzy’s Mont Du Lac


Mix some flat rails, creepy music and raw midwest talent and you have a pretty entertaining video. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Riders: James Olson, Connor Nelson, Zak Peterson, Brandon Rhoades and Max Ronning


  • iSnowboard

    James Olson blows my mind!

  • MN

    Ender was amazing. Just wow.


    james olson whippin work in tha 2 seater

  • shaniqua

    james olson has a huge penis

  • Meow Mix

    James Olson fucked my bitch

  • PussClot

    Something about that flat bar got me all wet

  • goddammit


  • Cobra_Dawg

    thats so sick

  • juses

    little rails, big fisheye

  • jejejejejejejej

    yah DOOOTS!

  • not chyll

    saw that james kid penis on snap chat…..