Here are the actual negotiations that went into this post.


  • mushroom tip

    sawyer and tyler, code

  • Yamos

    RiFF RaFF sighting

  • asdfas

    do these guys smoke week?

  • wumbo

    Next gpb movie should be
    Miggs: an Autobiography

  • T raw



  • Rico

    I like to do hood rat things with my friends. Being bad is fun!

  • chea

    they better post every gbp video!


    But really, the only thing missing here is for one of them to be an MC.
    Just think about it.

  • neshred

    these guys are the shit. you can hate on them, but they’ve got a RAW papers sponsor, they must be doing something right

  • Iffs

    The video should of had more weed smoke and Snoop Lion

  • fuck yea, gbp is the best

  • boneyballsack

    these guys know how to keep it real

  • Larry Hoover

    that was so sick

  • nobody cares gbp’s gay

  • JP Walker

    Wait! Raw isn’t for making spit wads!?

  • well at least the snowboarding is entertaining. maybe if they mixed up their styles of smoking. its sort of like if they just posted an edit for 10 different people doing the same trick on almost the same rail. get creative with it.

  • dig

    lots of schwag


    felt like a teaser. I wonder if these guys do other drugs.

  • LightMenoras

    ya good awesome cool and great fun

  • Dopeninja

    Hell yeah.. All these guys do is have a blast and chill and ride with their homies. i can dig it

  • PussClot

    I chilled with them, in a refrigerator

  • son of a bitch. I went from hating this to liking it over the span of the video.
    They all look like clones of one dude though. How many wigger midget John Jacksons can you really take?

  • He$h

    GBP, aka gay butt pokers

  • upstatemike.

    I don’t get it, was this a teaser for something? Because the shots were they cut out the landings of tricks would lead one to that conclusion.

    Although the fact that most of these shots, such as the same 2 skanks and the spraypainting of the bus, have been used in multiple edits, would lead me to believe that they are milking the fact they somehow got some ho’s naked one night and feel the need to keep showing them spraypainting cause that shit is, like, real gangster.

    Or maybe the last edits were just teasers for this teaser. Which is actually a teaser for the next teaser’s teaser?

  • a

    what mark farner said!
    the snowboardnet is killinit today, I’m in a good e-mood.
    I support these young people. I’m not going full giant hoody ras trent style, but I like this.

    nobody tell them about #legalweed up here in Washington, it might ruin their scene.

  • ken bessler

    GBP/D.O.P.E collab movie…..

  • ble

    im with jerm, i want to see cross joints, tulips, giant fat joints and other crazy rolling tech. if your’re gonna be sponsored by a rolling paper company the skills should match.not just the same dirty ass spliffs over and over.

  • well

    thats sick they got the hookup from raw

  • Jerms Butthole

    is crying because he ate brookes regurgitated burrito last night

  • ^^^

    that comment above me hurt my eyes

  • spliffs are as cool as backlips

    they smoke the same way in every shot. but they could prolly look at each spliff rolled in that and know who rolled it.
    might be the same trick but someone different doin it in every shot!

  • jejejejejejejej

    LOVE connection

  • jejejejejejejej


  • i get hi too

  • Yolo


  • =

    Wait so you guys insinuate you don’t care what moms think or what goes on your site when you post a screen grab of a mom complaining but not even a week later you consider not posting a sick edit because the weed to boarding ratio is a little high? Hmmmm

  • Joe Dirt

    from 5 years ago to now the amount of weed in edits has sky rocketed! 😉

  • bussin’jugs

    real shit