Brighton Laps with Celsius


Celsius makes boots or whatever, but more importantly, they just put a bunch of our friends on the team and then had Roobs make an edit! Take some laps with Justin Keniston, Mike Rav, Alex Cato, Richie Conklin, Matt Gonzales, Oliver Dixon and Jeremy Estorga.

  • nathan

    Scott Stevens and Mike Rav should make a parking lot edit and see how many weird and crazy new things they can invent.

  • T raw


  • That Guy

    Celsius is starting to make moves, first giving jake oe a pro model, now getting this dope riders on the team, 32 better watch out

  • That Guy


  • dankest nuggs

    Jake OE, Mike Rav, Chip, Mark Wilson, Derek Lever, Matt G, the Kids.

    and possibly Danimals

    Fuck what cha heard


    yeah yeah real solid team but who are they trying to impress with that bizarre queef step space dick warbling music? Hmmmm?
    You know unless it was made by like a def guy or something like that. In which case its great.

  • mushroom tip

    i heard alex cato got on strickly from being good at drinking, vateva

  • Alex Cato

    At least I’m good at something richie

  • Richie Conklin

    @alex Cato that wasn’t me. Try Dylan or Jeremy? But you are really good at drinking. Pretty good at snowboarding too.

  • karnkarn

    Chip sighting! Maine rep!

  • Jeremy Estorga

    @alexcato i think your really good at snowboarding and drinking.

  • fags

  • JP Walker

    Isn’t Celsius owned by Burton?

  • Nutsack

    Mike Rav cameos for life. He should have a tv show or something.

  • irresponsiblecameron

    @alexcato and @jeremyestorga were the first people i ever got drunk with. yay for drinking

  • Dopeninja

    does this mean mike rav isn’t going to be in the Loon spot check? Damn

  • @that guy, now they just need boots that dont suck.

  • Dicksquad

    Mike rav, toast to da god

  • boss

    Shut up Jerm

  • scrub

    anyone know this song? its a jam!!

  • Kevin Maples

    Alex Cato rules