The Beargrounds Tape 4


It’s like Sunday in the Park, but with a different name, different riders and on a different site.

Featuring: Keoni Kaimuloa, Stephon Deifer, Pat Klacza, Lenny Mazzotti, Dorian Rosecrans, Nirvana Ortanez, Jake Schaible, Jordan Small, Austin Leonard, Jamie Madrid, Jamie Bates, Jimmy Hay, Brett Wilkinson, Adam Mclean, Kody Williams, and Chris Mullins.

Shot/Edited by Skyler Riley

  • #turnMullinspro homies switch game is on point

  • fiend

    putting in work

  • truth

    this is better than the new sundays ins thes parks

  • PussClot

    Jus Liv is turnin’ into Ed Hardy for all those LA d-bags

  • PussClot

    or should I say Jus Liv is the Ed Hardy for snowboarders, so you know who the dbags are

  • yeah stephon, bear creek represent!

  • @PussClot

    you must not know lenny. nicest coolest kid on the hill

  • teaser ender?

    @ Puss clot…what’s wrong with JSLV? Get a life kid…ed hardy?

  • BearKILLA

    @PussKid i’d like to know what you wear if you are going to be such a hater for no reason


    who cares

  • karnkarn


  • @Pussclot fo da hoes, my nigga. on instagram straight flexin

  • Cheee

    Mullins is regs. Whatchu know

  • @PussClot

    you passed the test
    you are now sponsered by Jus Liv
    We will e-mail you about the details

  • PussClot

    I didn’t know Dbags was a negative term? I mistook it for helladope.


    Song gave me an instant boner. #memories

  • for fuck’s sake. just give your kids normal names.

  • Hank


  • selfproclaimedgaper

    pole-jam to flat. Me gusta.