80s Night at Ski Bowl

Glen Plake let down his mohawk for the night and just got loose!

The 1980s were marred by such tragedies as a severe global economic recession, famine in Ethiopia, the Eruption of Mt. St Helens, the nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl, the discovery of global warming, the Aids epidemic, violence and civil discontent in the Middle East, and worst of all, the granting of independence to Canada from the United Kingdom. But among all this turmoil, a brave group of radicals wore neon, spiked their hair, and gave no fucks as they shushed down the mountain in Lycra.

In the 80s skiers ruled! The moguls were perfect and snowboarders were not yet allowed to scrape all the snow off the trails at most mountains. It was a time of indulgence, spandex, fake fur, and oh man, was it incredible!

On February 15th, Ski Bowl celebrated this glorious time with 80s Night and Illusive Snow wear was there to put on a rail jam. Of course, since no one really hit rails in the 80s, and the locals were taking this very seriously, the real show was on the booter at the end of the park. There one could witness daffys, spread eagles and helicopters of all sorts. For one night on Mt. Hood, it was like the 90s never happened, and we were reminded of a simpler time, when it wasn’t about being good, it was about being AWESOME.

In the 80’s Gay Rights were entering the global consciousness, which make this mid air attempt at dick sucking totally OK!

The glowing crotch was one of the hottest fashion accessories, made popular by Michael Jackson, we assume.

With AIDS on the public’s minds, the ability to satisfy your needs without a partner became especially relevant.

Here’s one of those punk snowboarders! It’s amazing he can do anything with all those guns and drugs stuffed in his one piece.

Eventually, Max Warbington showed even the most aggro skiers that snowboarders can spread eagle too!

Someone else is making a video, so we’ll add that here when/if it turns up.

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