This week we have two youngin’s hungry for glory. If they keep on their current paths, they might just make it so click a radio button and get one of them that much closer to the dream.




The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of each weekly battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear and be in contention for the year-end battle with a grand prize of a one-year Arnette sponsorship. To submit your edit, email the link to [email protected]

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  1. Jason
    Jason says:

    I kept thinking Daryl was going to fly away how hard he was flapping his arms. Luke has style and tricks and is 12.

  2. That Guy
    That Guy says:

    Holy shit is that Luke kid like 10 or something, lets hope puberty doesn’t fuck with snowboarding ability

  3. random black man
    random black man says:

    get baby luke a proper filmer, and off that damn flow board & he will be running shit like diarrhea!

  4. that child is unusually small
    that child is unusually small says:

    gonna have to give it daryl this time. The tricks were sketchy but some of the hardest in the book. Did anybody even see that doubledown line? fuck. that small guy will have his chance in a few years.

  5. daryl rolof
    daryl rolof says:

    HOLY that kid is unreal for his age! but in all seriousness i would love to see anyone that is talking shit do the tricks i did with less arm movement then me, i thought you kids might like an edit with a bunch of tricks that you cant do!

  6. jeenyus
    jeenyus says:

    is Daryl Rolof a friend of Yobeat’s? I swear you guys have posted his vid up six times in the last two months. I will go ahead and vote for the littler kid.

  7. Dopeninja
    Dopeninja says:

    @Daryl Rolof….your from canada man, step your shit up. Thats kid was born yesteryear and has way more style than you. and i don’t give a fuck if your doing harder tricks than a ten year old or anyone commenting for that matter, if they look like shit then NOBODY CARES. surprised i didn’t see a boot grab from you or something

  8. Obviously
    Obviously says:

    @dopeninja shut the fuck up you just sound like a bitch. There was more than enough clean stuff in his edit to satisfy your critical needs.

  9. NameRequired
    NameRequired says:

    i’d rather watch a 12 year old with style and some crazy tricks instead of watching some 15 or 16 year old do some decently technical tricks with arms whirling around like a helicopter. seriously the kid is 12. forget about the bad filming and appreciate his age, talent and style!

  10. That Kid
    That Kid says:

    i don’t know how you think that little kid has style. it is the worst ever. but he kills it, and Daryls trick were perfect and hammers the whole time.

  11. Daryl Rolof
    Daryl Rolof says:

    @dopeninja, @blood you two are clearly little bitches that go on this site to troll kids that are better than you so that you can feel better about the 180 ons your doing on your backyard tube, post up a video of yourselfs or shut the fuck up and accept the fact that you have no talent

  12. Brendon
    Brendon says:

    Daryls super clean tricks: -footplant bs board footplant off
    -fs lip pretzel out
    -sw fs tailpress
    -fs nosepress bs out double down
    -sw bs blunt 270 out that big kink

    is that enough really clean tricks in a minute and a half edit for you haters? The rest of the tricks, a handful of people in snowboarding pull, so he has lots of time to make them look good. Wheres your sponsorship?

  13. Mudun
    Mudun says:

    Daryl blows lug is 12 and Daryl is like 16 get some practice for your next video because lug is beast and is gonna whoop yeah.

  14. Dane
    Dane says:

    good god i pray that luke wins this. since when do hard tricks count for anythign when it looks like you just spent 6 hours forcing your body to do it. Luke is 12, and is rock solid. half the time i couldnt tell if that juggalo was snowboarding or swinging hatchets at an ICP concert.

    Luke 100%
    Trollhaugen forever.

  15. daryls a tool
    daryls a tool says:

    you expect to win a peoples court when you spend your days on the internet calling people out? you just look like an idiot you clown. LUKE

  16. Dopeninja
    Dopeninja says:

    Hahahahahaha! At least Luke doesn’t creep on his peoples court and comment trying to back why he should win.

  17. Daryl Rolof
    Daryl Rolof says:

    Not at all saying why I should win, luke is unreal! I could care less about a pair of goggles I don’t even wear goggles

  18. yobeatmymeat
    yobeatmymeat says:

    @Daryl Rolof you can’t win now. There’s no coming back from it. Quit while you still have some dignity

  19. Beaner
    Beaner says:

    didnt know snowboarders were turning into goofs who hate on each other over style. both parts had tricks that blew my mind

  20. yup
    yup says:

    agreed ^^^
    imo, if they don’t look good, then they don’t feel good to do.
    why do tricks that don’t feel good?

  21. caramelnippleslices
    caramelnippleslices says:

    titties on my nuts. that daryl kid is the shitttt. i dreamt about some of the tricks he did last night… i couldnt even imagine doing them in real life…

  22. Disappointed Troll
    Disappointed Troll says:

    It’s unfortunate to see people from Trollhaugen on here talking negatively about someone’s style or just putting negative vibes out there at all. Since when did snowboarding become a fashion show of style? And since when do people from Troll act like assholes to other snowboarders?

    I’m stoked on both of these edits.
    I am all for Luke to win! (I voted for him). And Troll is my home base as far as snowboarding (so I am biased)…

    Trollhaugen is a special place with a sick park and DOWN TO EARTH PEOPLE (who fucking SHRED too). Don’t the negativity of a few confuse you, It’s the most fun place in the midwest to ride for SURE!

  23. Og
    Og says:

    Someone needs to spend more time on yobeat. ^^^^^^^ This site is 10% snowboarding, 90% shit talking. Hence the “yobeat : making fun of snowboarding since…” think this comment box would be an option if they didn’t think we would use it for shameless shittalking

  24. Array of Troll's Weapons
    Array of Troll's Weapons says:

    @Luke Zajac : Contests like these have nothing to do with the actual snowboarding. So forget about it if you don’t win.

  25. Minty Shorn
    Minty Shorn says:

    @GetWyld Alluding to a Monday Minute is respectful and symbolizes the influence of one of the best edits of all time. #1817

  26. Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff says:

    5 ways why luke should win.

    1.) He is 12 fucking years old

    2.) He is not riding a rocker

    3.) His arms are down

    4.) He isn’t acting like a bitch when someone insults him

    5.) He 12 fucking years old

  27. Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler says:

    Daryl has 0 style and 0 friends, He may have a couple tricks on Luke but looks like he is Michael Felps, Not a snowboarder so however, Daryls video is fake. 9/11 was fake too. shamtee

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