Sweeney Todds: Episode 3


The Bachy dudes are patiently waiting for snow. In the meantime, here’s some chill park boarding from the loc dawgs through the lens of Tyler Orton.

  • charlesbarkley

    So many triiiickkkkssss

  • PussClot

    they say – once you ride bachelor, you will lose your manhood, everything you do and say, and listen to strange musical instruments clashed together into a song. You are a slave to mind-control, the liberals in Portland have taken your soul. You will never leave.

  • this was so straight, enjoyed it.

  • Sloth

    eh @PussClot, pull that acid soaked strip of paper out of your ass and go snowboarding.

  • Matthew

    Bachelor is 180 miles from Portland.

  • DolphinDaze

    choppin heads since 2013

  • steezy dude

    Where is Tre Squad??!!!

  • SD

    Yea Paul!

  • PussClot

    aite christopher columbus ass muthafucka, tracking the miles n’ shit [email protected]

  • …and it was “chill” park boarding…