Hoy Boy’n With Warp Wave


Wall Street says snowboarding has lost its edge, we still use our edges everyday. Watch Gray Thompson, Eric Messier, Tim Eddy, Ben Rice and Ryan Fagan Hot Boy’n around Squaw Valley under that classic California sunshine. Keep it fun and keep it edgy.

  • Dj sweaty blunts

    eveyone in snowboarding trying to skate on their snowboards,these dudes are trying surf. I like it.

  • mr&mrsdouchebag

    Get it

  • people do too much drugs

  • oralanal

    If you can’t enjoy this, you need to find a new hobby.

  • That Guy

    2: 19 that crail grab was so legit

  • Obviously

    these guys just dropped out of artschool.

  • lunchtray

    Pure Style

  • Maine Snow?

    shka bra

  • Maine Snow?

    shaka brah