The biggest little Hump Day with Andrew Brewer


Photo: Kyle Beckmann

A hellion on or off his shred stick, Andrew Brewer rose the ranks from flow, to regional rep rider, to professional American snowboard badass in classic style like the boss that he is. Born and bred in the flatlands of Colorado, reborn once he had stumbled and crawled, like many pioneers, across the Great Basin to Reno and looked out westward, out yonder toward The Sierra Nevada Mountains and his salvation. Robbie Sell said it best when he told me “Andrew is keeping snowboarding rock n’ roll, like the days of Ranquet & Wittlake. Without guys like him and Gerry, we’re doomed!” The dude is a natural maniac on his shred sled. The dude abides. We still might be doomed nonetheless, but the snowboard world needs more Andrew Brewers so it’s time we all recognized.

How’s the season going?
Good. Got shots earlier in November. It’s never really happened that early, ya know? Other than that, I’ve just been hanging out. I broke a rib about a month ago so I have just been chilling since then.

You started the season with a Transworld cover. I’d say you have been on quite a roll.
Yeah, so far, so good. I just got the cover of Snowboard Colorado, also. That’s pretty sweet.

Being from Colorado is that a rite of passage?
No, not really, just because I haven’t lived there in so long. I wouldn’t ever consider my snowboarding career at all to have to do with that place. That’s where I started, but if I hadn’t of moved here none of that would have ever occurred.

How did you get addicted to the shred?
I was in the 6th grade, it was a school trip. We went to Breckenridge. If it was your first time going you had to do lessons . I went and took a lesson and it was awful because I was better than everyone in my lesson. I had been kind of snowboarding around on hills and stuff where I was from, but I had never gone to a resort. Breckenridge was alright the first day. After that, I was always into snowboarding but I had bad grades so my parents wouldn’t let me go. We lived 3 hours away from the resorts in a town called Monument, so it was pretty far away. I didn’t ever really end up going, I never had a season pass, never anything until my senior year of high school when I finally had a drivers license and was able to drive up myself.

Brewer slidin tubes. Photo: Kyle Beckmann

Would you consider yourself a late bloomer in the snowboard game?
Well, me and my brother were always really good because in high school I took welding. I was always really good at welding. My teacher actually let me take the backstop of our baseball field that got tore down. He let me take all that steel and in my off time and after school I would just go in and weld all these handrails up and then go bury them in my yard and go set them up in my yard. We would also hide them in the woods, too. So, I would just go ride handrails in my yard, all day long. Legit handrails. That’s how me and my brother got so good.

So high school was basically the inspiration for the boneyard?
The boneyard originally started in Boulder, Colorado. There was this one house that all the homey’s lived at. My brother, Nick, went to school in Boulder, so I was always there visiting him. There was little, tiny, sketchy, almost like a closet type room, but big enough to still be a bedroom. It was underneath the stairs. That was the spot for all the people who got left there that night, or whoever were going to go “get down” for the night they would just go into this room that just had a bed in it. That was called the boneyard. That house ended up becoming known as, “The Boneyard”.

So there was just this room where people would go to fuck?
Yes, and it was called the boneyard, and it had “boneyard” painted right above the bedroom door in big flowery colors (laughing). It was more of a closet that had a twin mattress in it.

Why speak it when you can tweak it? Photo: Kyle Beckmann

Did you move to Reno to attend the University Nevada – Reno?
I moved to Reno because it was close to the mountains, but I told my parents I was going to go to UNR (laughing). The real reason I wanted to go was because I knew it was 25 minutes to Lake Tahoe.

Did you graduate?
Nope. I went for 2 ½ years as an art major, then winter break was about to start. I had to go on a shred trip with DC to Minnesota, and it was during finals so i didn’t make it to finals and got put on academic probation. By then I was getting paid to snowboard so i was able to afford rent and everything so I didn’t go back.

You’re a college dropout.
So far. I can always go back to school. I couldn’t always be a professional snowboarder.
Nevada has the worst unemployment in the country. The state also has a high level of drunks, meth heads and tax evaders.

What are you doing, shred wise, to combat the problems facing Nevada currently?
Staying out of Nevada as much as I can (laughing). I love the mountains and snowboarding, when I am not on trips, and I come back home it’s just like a little vacation (laughing).

Which do ya go for. The strippers at the Wild Orchid or the hookers out at the Bunny Ranch? Reno has it all.
I have never been into the whore houses of Nevada. I guess I would have to go with the Men’s Club in downtown Reno – If I go. I have friends who work there (laughing). I just go to see them. There just happen to be strippers there. They have legit sushi on Sunday and Monday nights.

You eat sushi while you look at naked women?
Yes (laughing). It’s actually pretty good.

How has living in a state where you can drink 24 hours a day affected your physical well being and mental capacity?
It’s like Nevada has to make up for how fucking lame their neighbor Utah is towards alcohol. The opportunity is out there. When I was younger I was out almost every single night when I was in town. Getting a little older, I am just chilling out on it. I hardly go out ever anymore (laughing).

Oh we went there. Photos: Kyle Beckmann

You’re an American badass living in America’s, “Biggest little city in the world.” How do you do it?
One night at a time. I wake up always knowing there is something to do and something going on. That’s why I don’t live in the mountains. I always have liked cities. I like being around populations. This place is the best thing for it.

You live in Reno and shred work and play at boreal. Tell us some sketchy hwy 80 Stories.
Driving back 2 months ago, right before Christmas, I saw a pretty sweet little pile-up with a Fed Ex truck. I bet some people’s Christmas presents didn’t make it.

A girl died of exposure and hypothermia on the way back to a motel in South Lake Tahoe on New Year’s. She was found the following morning being eaten by wolves. Do the wolves chase you home from the casinos in Reno and how do you avoid such Donner Party type experiences?
Luckily I haven’t seen any wolves in Reno. I was in South Lake Tahoe a couple New Year’s ago and all my friends had bailed on me. I didn’t know how to go get back to the hotel. I ended up sleeping outside on one of the side’s of a casino. I did this for 3 ½ hours till I could get ahold of somebody. I walked 2 miles to some random house party that I had found out about and then slept on the floor later that night till I got home. So South Lake Tahoe can definitely be sketchy. Luckily I didn’t go into the woods and get eaten by a wolf.

You told me you really wanted to earn some of that Shaun White money. How are you going about becoming more like Yobeat’s favorite ginger friend?
I guess the next step would be Hollywood somehow. I have an Uncle that does stunts in movies, so maybe he can help me get in the industry.

You are overlooking Shaun’s favorite thing – medals. What are you doing to gather up medals?
I think I will have to go Real Street and try to get an X Games gold medal that way. Who knows? I know a lot of people don’t like him, but I think what he is doing is good. It makes snowboarding more aware for everybody. It puts snowboarding in a larger market and because of that more people are buying snowboards, more people are going snowboarding, and because of that, we’re all making more money off this sport. It’s becoming more accessible to a lot more people.

Airing, not carving. Photo Kyle Beckmann

What is Andrew Brewer’s spirit animal?
If I could be anything I would be a duck. Just so I could swim, fly and walk. There are not many other animals that can do that. Being able to fly would be the coolest thing.

A beautiful bird! Surrounded by a beautiful coat of feathers. Would you be Andrew Brewer – the mallard?
Probably the mallard. Then I would have Natalie Portman as my black swan (laughing).

Natalie Portman would be your little duck bitch babe. I like that. Last time I saw you, you were hanging out with an underage girl.
(Laughing) She’s not underage. She’s is my age. She just has a very low tolerance and two beers get her a little wild.

You have one week to live. What the fuck would you do?
I would probably experiment with every single thing I have ever tried. I would probably try and get a sweet trip going. It’s hard to say whether I would go to the beach, or go to a big city and party it up. I would go skydiving because I still haven’t done that. I would maybe go to Africa and try and kill something big. Hard to say. I would just rather not know that I was going out or not.

What would the final concert be?
Cradle of Filth.

Favorite Metal Band?
Dimmu Borgir. Without a doubt.

The LA times recently wrote an article predicting the demise of snowboarding because of a slip in growth and a measly 3 percent gain in two planking(skiing). What the fuck do we do to recruit more brethren to the fold and keep them stoked on the shred?
I think that now more snowboarders are starting to become parents, that there are going to be starting their kids off as snowboarders and not skiers. I think the biggest problem now is all of our parents started off skiing, so they want to teach their kids how to ski. Now that skiing has become quote on quote, “Cooler” kids who already start skiing don’t try snowboarding. Now that more snowboarders are having kids of their own, there is going to be starting them off on snowboards. That’s going to make a huge difference.

Is it tough being the only tight pant dude on Technine?
Not really. Not at all. All those dudes are just normal dudes, not like we’ve got some big whiggers or anything on the team. Everyone is pretty chill. They all listen to normal music (laughing). We’re not all thugs, so I don’t really think my pants matter with anybody. And I am not the first one who’s been a tight pant dude on Tech Nine.

Where does Andrew Brewer see himself in 5 years?
Still in snowboarding. If snowboarding as an athlete doesn’t continue to go well, I’d like to just continue working in the snowboard industry as a team manager, or get into design and start working on outerwear design would be really cool. Still want to be in snowboarding.

Where does Andrew Brewer see himself in 5 minutes?
Back on my couch watching 2012 the movie.

How do we keep it real like Andrew Brewer?
Always stay positive and approach everything as something new. If you are going on a trip you aren’t looking forward to, just remember you will go some place you have never been before. Every footstep you take is potentially new. So, say “Yes!” as much as you can (laughing).

Can snowboarding change the world?
It could if everyone did it (laughing).

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