Austria’s Snow Parks are GOING OFF

This morning I woke up to more news about Austrian snowparks than I could possibly know what to do with. You see, it’s 9 hours later over there, so while I’m happily dreaming of cats and pillow lines, the PR machines are hard at work across the pond. Since I also dream of one of these PR firms someday flying me in to experience an Austrian snow park in person (I’m assuming it’s just what we in America call a “park”) here’s a round up of the excitement!


It’s High Season at Crystal Ground

The season at Crystal Ground – Snowpark Kleinwalsertal is currently running at full blast.

On Saturday, 2nd February the snowboarding jib-scene met for the AttageXForeal Demo at Crystal Ground to ride a relaxed and cosy rail session with friends. Especially for this day the snowpark in Riezlern was given a new shape and surprised the numerous riders from the south of Germany as well as from Switzerland with challenging rails and other jib obstacles.

And already the next highlight at Crystal Ground is waiting: At the “Jib Days”, a snowboard session for girls from 2nd to 3rd of March, the participants will have to impress the two hosts and pro-riders Gaia Giacomazzi and Carmen Beccaro with their rail skills.

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The Rock Session at Nike Snowpark Montafon

The Nike Snowpark Montafon in Silvretta Montafon has been expanded. To celebrate this Nike was holding a ‘Nike The Rock Session’ in the park on 9th February where a bunch of skilled snowboarders took part to shred the unique obstacle for the chance to win 5,000 Euros and a host of prizes.

Infos about the park is available on

And at K-Park Kühtai

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 8.45.02 AM

K-Park Kühtai evolved into one of the top freestyle spots in Tyrol, in recent years. The entire Park Area is divided into 3 sections and equipped with a wide range of different obstacles. Wether beginner, advanced or pro rider: Everything what freestyle-heart could wish for is combined at K-Park Kühtai.

The upper area of the park consists of many different rails, boxes and other obstacles, which offers a great variety the to improve the skills, furthermore the shapecrew guarantees a perfectly shaped park. K-Park Kühtai is ready for park beginners who want to start riding rails, boxes and kickers, as well as for advanced riders who want to improve their skills further.

Beginner Jib Line:
– Downbox 6m
– Flatbox 6m
– Lollypop
– Flat-Down-Box

Advanced Jib Line:
– Downrail 6m
– L-Rail
– Tank
– Uprail


At K-Park Kühtai you can go big bounds: as a matter of fact, 4 kickers are waiting for advanced and pro riders. The medium kicker line includes two kickers with tables of 8 and 10 meters, and is ideal for advanced riders. Pro riders can enjoy themselves at the pro kicker line, where 2 kickers with each 14 and 18 meter tables ensure sufficient airtime.

The superpipe was the top spot of the 1st Youth Olympic Winter Games 2012. The dimensions are impressiv and wow shredders from near and far:
– 6m high
– 120m long
– 18m

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