Canada Meets America

This site seems to have caught on in Canada. We’ve been getting a lot of submissions from the great white north. Some are mind blowing, and some just blow. But we figured, it’s Tuesday, the day we usually dump a bunch of videos into one post, so why not.

We’ll start things off with a mad minute with Ryan Manning? Who? Honestly, all we know is that he rides at Whistler and he’s real good at riding his snowboard.

This next video was delivered with the subject, “too many pussy midwest american videos so i thought a canadian one would fuck up your minds,” and then goes on to explain, “this kid is daryl rolof. He progresses at a rate so fast he shits miracles. Feature it or you like animal abuse. Filmed in three days at rabbit hill Edmonton Alberta, canaduh. This is just his b footy too ahahahahahha.” Since we all know I love cats, we’ll let you be the judge.

And now, one of our most favorite Canadians, Andrew Burns, just dropped the first episode of Shipwrecked.

Well, that’s enough Canada. Let’s finish this out with a little slice of Americana.

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  1. Canada Sucks
    Canada Sucks says:

    Dear Daryl,

    Stay in Canada, we don’t want you here. That skier droppin that huge stair however, we will take.

  2. Canada still Sucks
    Canada still Sucks says:

    -wacky waving inflatable tube man arms
    -switch ups / Swivels were never cool
    -sick zeach

  3. I won't say
    I won't say says:

    that Daryl Rolof needs to go back to the basics to iron out the zeaching and incomplete rails with whipped spins and contorted legs.

  4. dickcheese
    dickcheese says:

    i agree with him ^^^^^ trying to land those tricks with good arm steeze alone would be a task in itself. let alone filming all of that in 3 days…. and yes i agree switch ups are gay. but 270 switch ups on a double down… think about that. and the 180 on back 360 switch up off to front nosepress hardway 360 out on a donkey dick in a line too? are you fucked? yes the 180 switch up you did in your moms backyard on a ride on box was gay, but those are ridiculous. and no one can talk about arm flailing until JP Walker retires. if he can be pro with that arm steeze anyone can.

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