A Quickie with Desiree Melancon




It’s  Mr. Hammid hoof banging some sort of titted-dog-deer thing.

Recently, Desiree Melancon won a Yobeat Award. Even more recently she won some other award. That means she’s due for a bunch of coverage. And, because we are super quick around here, we grabbed her attention and asked her questions that have nothing to do with snowboarding, but will probably give plenty of our younger readers boners. So, enjoy this look into Desiree’s life outside of snowboarding.

Yobeat: Which is cooler, a yobeat award or an award from anyone else?

Desiree: Both, I don’t wanna talk about awards.

How’s your blossoming art career going?

Good! July 5th is my first show! Bend, Oregon. At Velvet. Be ready for a night of porn.

Is it going to be any good?

Yes I think so. Everyone loves asses and titties.


Hard at work inside the artist’s studio.

What’s with all the porn? Are you pent up or just a nasty gal?

Both for sure. It’s not boring to me. So I can spend weeks on a piece and I continually get more excited about it.

What’s your favorite kind of porn?

Lesbian for sure.


Desiree should probably design the next Yobeat shirt. Don’t you guys agree?

How come?

It’s interesting. They don’t have a penis so they stick anything and everything in them selves and it’s hilarious. Plus chicks are hotter.

That’s a great way to end this. Bye Desiree.

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  1. She is so hot in person
    She is so hot in person says:

    Saw her at Baker today. If I had read this first I think I would have caked the shorts upon pro sighting.
    Still got busted for staring even with the mirror lens. She is tall with legs to the heavens. Please do a Maxim spread.

  2. 'merica
    'merica says:

    Pretty good art actually. First one is hilarious, the second is clearly unfinished, and the third is pretty good. If you guys are all wondering if she’s lez/bi, whatever and perving out on her then she’s probably doing a good job with the whole art venture. Snowboarders aren’t the most difficult market to figure out.

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