YoMerica! the Movie is about snowboarding. It’s about you, me, us and we. It’s about going snowboarding, taking turns, laps, night riding and all the feelings that made us start and keep riding. It’s for the kids who ride every day, the warriors who drive hours each weekend for a few laps on some shitty hill, the good kids who hook up their friends and the pros who inspire us all. This is a film for snowboarders, no matter where they fall on the totem pole, to enjoy, laugh at and contribute to.

Filmed by Everyone
Featuring Everyone

What we need from you:

Good snowboarding. You can send anything you damn want, but we’re trying to make a sick snowboard video here so think about it like this — It can be b-roll if you’re Scott Stevens, but otherwise we want your hammers.

This movie is about everyone’s snowboard experience, so if you aren’t nailing the shots, we also want to see your shred lifestyle! Shot ideas for this could be, but are not limited to:

Your Shred mobile! Got a sick van, veggie bus, or moped with treads? Let’s see it.

Riding with your country’s flag — Yomerica is a made up place where we all live, so don’t
think you have to be in ‘Murrica, or even North ‘Murrica to submit.

Dudes in ski masks — but ya know, snowboarding, not robbing banks.

Eating super gross lodge food — how many condiments can you get on one burger?

Destroying snow men. Those jerks had it coming.

Give a stranger a high five. Bonus points for hot chicks and or midgets. A hot midget will definitely get you in the video.

Shot gun a beer in the parking lot (if you are 21 of course)

-A doubles run… Holding hands, or not.

Burning stuff. But not brand new gear like JP Walker.

A row of your crew doing shots at your local bar (again, 21 plus please and no fake ids)

Super harsh slams .. but only ones you didn’t mean to happen.


SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE MAY 1, 2013. Now the nerdy stuff…


HD VIDEO!  1080p and/or 720p.And don’t try and run it through iMovie first. Whatever came out of your camera, we want.
More importantly — Only send shots you want us to use. Don’t send us shitty footage. Send all video submissions via a file sharing service such as Yousentit or Wetransfer no later than May 1, 2013 to [email protected] Stupid questions may also be directed to that email.

The Fine Print: Snowboarding is an inherently dangerous activity. By filming and submitting footage for Yomerica! the Movie, participants do so with this understanding. Yobeat LLC and its employees and agents cannot be held accountable for injury during filming for this project. Participants under 18 must gain prior written permission of a parent or legal guardian prior to filming. By submitting footage you agree to let us do whatever we want with it. No whining, crying or otherwise being annoying.
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    gravedi99er aka kevin court said he will send footage of him perpetrating, the clip is right as he mounts or shots of him running the streets of plymouth nude. Are these reasonable?

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