Killer and Brisse FULL PART


At this point even if you watched a full video when it came out, you’ve probably forgotten about it. So relive the memories of Bald E-Gal’s E-gal Eye with Dan Brisse and Randy Vannurden’s shared part.

  • Brisse is the man… love that guy

  • He$h

    Installed blinds in Dan’s house. Way too nice for being so gnarly. Keep it up


    even Brisse rolls em down. 3:06

  • If you don’t like Randal then I don’t even know what to say to you.

  • ^^ saw “killer” eat shit today at pc and take it out on the little kids around him hes such a tough guy

  • Midwest represent.

  • murphdog

    i have not forgotten about about this movie. its still hammers though

  • i smoke hash with everyone in this edit

  • patrick

    Hey Ghostpumkin Kevin Wells is slayin slickbacks in Puerto Rico

  • @ lick the ass

    sick brah

  • patrick

    also @lick the ass, I once lived in a house that Greg Lutzka’s mom lived in…

  • patrick

    actually next to but same shit right?

  • patrick

    also, two harbors first shot. edmond fitzgerald went down on nov. 10th. my dogs birthday. long live lake superior and bald eagle. ya’ll can suck it. especially you transworld. UNITED NATIONS XILE PIRATES TRIPLE C it’s goin down in da twin ports ya herrdat? guess not. sup Brooke?

  • patrick

    god damn i love this song, superior WI. THE GREAT GITCHEE GUMMEE. my uncle passed on that ship. fuck the haters. DAGAGE WE DO OR DIE.

  • patrick

    drunk again

  • patrick

    I meant to say DAMAGE. but shout out to OG AVPC! DIRTBAGS, Live Dirty Die Nasty, for this is our song. Edmond Fitz boarded in Milwaukee and sank right b’fore Superior. Nov. 10th. I miss you MILLIE.

  • patrick

    so sick that every shot was on the great shores

  • swaggy MC yolo

    bald e-gal’s editing always sucks