Diggles Goes to ISPO 2013


ISPO is in a strange magical place called Europe. Say it with me kids. Yur-UP. Most everyone has some sort of humorous accent, people are smoking inside, and beer is considered a breakfast beverage. Like SIA, there are lots of people you don’t have time to talk to, lots of people that don’t have time to talk to you, and lots of others who are there to get real business done I suppose. I spent two days at the show this year, and the main themes I noticed are: there are way more good looking girls that seem to be truly interested in snowboarding than in the states, just as many kooks on weird modes of transport rolling around the showroom floor, and an overall sense of bewilderment as to why we are all standing in a flourescent lit giant building looking at shit we’ve seen online a month ago. Here are some random photos from the days I was there. I tried to capture a sense of the overall feel or the show. There were pros, hos, and even a flash mob. — Ryan Scardigli

  • jejejejej

    I want a shaun white scooter

  • j to the mizzle


  • mizzly adams

    Nothing says sell-out like endorsing an Xtreme scooter…solid coverage.

  • mr&mrsdouchebag

    thats Jeff Keenan

  • Diggles

    @mr&mrsdouchebag. My bad on the caption. All these canadians are the same right?

  • jeenyus

    looks like that Monster chick with darker hair is packin’ or is that just the biggest camel toe evar?!

  • Lil ‘Bud’dha

    nah chicks got a dick

  • Debaser

    can yobeat do a givaway on a shaun white scooter?

  • I would like some free Shaun White gum actually. Then i can say ive had Shaun in my mouth.

  • doop

    bunch of fucking jackwagons

  • Maine Snow?

    Shaun White cant even bunny hop hes a scotter poser

  • this sucked