Submissions are OPEN for Shooting Star Round Three



The first winner of the Shooting Star video contest, Corrine Pasela, was just named Rookie of the Year at the Riders Poll awards, and this winter is your time to shine! Submit your footage for the chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to attend High Cascade Snowboard Camp and ride with the Roxy team, as well as a ton of Roxy Product.

You can enter as an A-Lister or a Local Celebrity. Best tricks in either category will be awarded with Roxy product every week, so even if you only have one clip, upload it now.

The first 30 girls to enter receive a Roxy tee and beanie!

Footage accepted on Facebook February 4- 28th. Grand Prizes awarded March 5th.

To enter, visit

As for those prizes? Here’s the breakdown.

A-Listers category

  • 1st place: Complimentary session at High Cascade Snowboard Camp June
    15-22nd, Airfare within North America, Roxy snowboard, Roxy outerwear & Roxy
  • 2nd place: Roxy snowboard & Roxy outerwear & Roxy goggles
  • 3rd place: Roxy outerwear & Roxy goggles

Local celebrities category


  • 1st place Roxy outerwear and Roxy snowboard
  • 2nd place Roxy snowboard
  • 3rd place Roxy outerwear

This is an amateur event and is closed to professional riders. Entry is FREE. See for details.

Check out highlights from last year’s Shooting Star!

This contest is brought to you by Roxy and High Cascade Snowboard Camp.

  • wumbo

    how many girls go on yobeat?

  • airplane mode

    Yeah, yobeats for guys between ages 16-24 with relatively low IQs that hate snowboarding.

  • What if all the guys enter it…

  • crabs

    @airplane mode… you got the age demographic correct but i hate you, not snowboarding. wu tang clan is forever, mother fucker.

  • howdy

    whats the difference between A-Lister or a Local Celebrity.. why would you want to enter as one or the other ???

    • Its sort of like pro and am. If you enter as an a-lister, you’ll have stiffer competition, but also the chance to win the trip to High Cascade. Local Celebs can only win product, but it’s for girls who are just starting out.

  • howdy

    can you enter as both?

  • girl

    can you enter more than once?

  • hey

    so its been 3 weeks in the contest and you have only picked one weekly best trick..??? what the deal… congrats to the last week winner also…

  • Still wondering

    Can you enter in the A-Listers and Local Celebrities?

  • @Still wondering

    …wouldn’t be very fair if you did.

  • Daboiiii

    When will the winners be up