STUMPED at Waterville #2


The latest from the land of Quadzilla. We may be biased but the boys are looking mighty nice in those Yobeat Hoodies.

Edit: Eli Olson

  • Larry Hoover

    y0 that right there was [email protected] b.

  • dr. b


  • shedstones

    Waterville represent! You guys rip.

  • true

    matt g is so core and i think he knows scott stevens, omg

  • der

    the tricks were pretty sloppy

  • SuMFilMer


  • boner stabone

    i just wasted 3 minutes of my life. i want a rebate

  • yobeat


  • Phil Nolson

    im preety sure that i have more style than any of these chumps

  • GetWyld

    feels like they’re trying too hard, enjoyed last years simple and less mega mo’d edits better

  • Dopeninja

    None of these kids have pubic hair. But its gonna start sprouting rapidly, very very soon. Keep an eye on deeezzz nuuuts

  • letsgetwierd

    Bring back justin Foley.

  • dirt star

    i liked it…