Marco Grilic Crowned Champ at burn Style Sessions

On February 2nd, 2013, Euroland’s caffeinated-sugar-water sponsor put on a pre-Air and Style event that was actually about style. But does anyone else see the irony in this line from the press release?

…it was Marco Grilic with his technical switch front side rodeo that stole the overall prize.

Confused, we watched the video and read this description…

Marko Grilc’s Frontside 540 Indy which secured him first place in the contest and the cache of being the world’s first burn Style Session winner. 25-year-old burn rider Werni Stock finished a close 2nd. Thomas Eberharter rounded out the podium spots.

…Which makes a little more sense. Guess that’s what happens when you let PR people write press releases. You can read the rest of that gem here.


Last night, the burn Style Session starting list read like a who’s who of snowboard royalty as the legends took to the infamous Bergisel stadium to showcase their superior style and creativity.

An ecstatic crowd witnessed their heroes once again take the spotlight in this ‘once off’ unique event that was especially created to pay tribute to the past 20 years of one of the worlds most iconic snowboard events.

While Max Plotzeneder, Jamie lynn, Terje Haakonsen, Michi Albin, Gigi Rüf, and Brian Iguchi showed that snowboarding is about everlasting style, Arthur Longo and Werni Stock chased the burn Style Session title with their super clean front side 7 and switch backside 540 mutes, however it was Marco Grilic with his technical switch front side rodeo that stole the overall prize.

“It was insane to be able to hit the kicker and to ride in a real session with the guys that still ride after 20 years!” – burn rider Gigi Rüf

“It was an incredible experience to have the opportunity to share the session with my all-time heroes — guys I used to ask for autographs! I am a bit sad that due to my injury that I am not able to compete in the main Air & Style event, but it was a real honour to ride tonight.” – burn rider Werni Stock

Live concerts by the LEFT BOY & DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER entertained the electrified audience and set them off partying into the night ready for the burn after-parties across Innsbruck.


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