Steph Fortier FULL PART


In case you don’t care about SIA madness, here’s a nice little snowboarding video about Stéphane Gagné Fortier’s last season in Quebexico from the Timebomb Film’s flick Hivernation. It’s swell even.

  • #DamnSonWheredYouFindThis

    That was pretty ill

  • That Guy

    Young LNP, this kids got them dope presses

  • LA

    this fool rips

  • snatch

    i was expecting a chick

  • patrick

    @That Guy, LNP isn’t young dude

  • swaggy MC yolo

    i forgot technine existed

  • uhhhh DEH DEH DEH

    @patrick I think you missed the point there buddy

  • pirate

    Last trick is sick, never seen before, or i missed it.

  • ^

    that’s funny because i thought the last trick sucked