Butternut Volume 6: The Thaw


June-uary is real.

Riders: Nick McCarthy, John Silk, Ross Weiller, Dan Leary and Aydan Crumrine

Cameo: Cody Amstead

Shot and Cut: Drew Sauer

  • Denver

    I’m pretty sure that snowboarding is the worst…worst as in best.

  • Haun Swhite

    You guyz got dat steeze

  • snatch

    great use of why?

  • soft & chewy

    spring break

  • OscarGrouch

    Baggy pants guy is kewl… 2 kewl 4 skewl

  • That Guy

    Butternut Volume > Stumped at Waterville

  • Rick

    This was cool. Proper edit

  • why


  • love the edits that come out of this place.

  • d

    kid in tan pants blue hoodie is sick


    really cant hate on this one, riding was good, editing on point, all around solid edit!

  • teos internet girlfriend

    some solid back 3’s out