Bundy Vision: The Web Series Teaser


Some of our most favorite people in the professional snowboard circuit have just issued this memo:

Bundy Vision is finally hitting the Internet after all these years. You’ll still probably never see the first five movies (unless you somehow found a burned dvd, in which case you should burn another copy for me), but stay tuned all winter for web edits that continue the Bundy Vision legacy. The first will start with bundy vision 6, and go from there. You might not know what to expect, but that’s ok because we don’t either. Just sit back and enjoy the view.

thanks to Think Thank, Lib Technologies, Bent Metal Binders, Dang Shades, and Cobra Dogs for the support.


  • JP Walker

    Did you know that there is an instagram with the same name, bundyvision? I wonder if they’re related…

  • nasty

    good ol neoproto

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