BYND x MDLS Episode 1


Ahh Europe. A place where being kind of a piece of shit is still handsomely rewarded in snowboarding. And two of our favorite Euros, Kevin Backstrom and Tor Lundstrom are up to no good in the first episode of BYND x MDLS. Get it? Cause it’s about more than just hucking your meat at contests. We can’t really be sure where their meat will end up, in fact.

  • Dopeninja


  • snatch

    whyyyy is this not my life?

  • germ

    sweeter than your average euro edit

  • JP Walker

    These kids are awesome

  • Biitjo

    They have the chance to live like that and they seem to make the most of it… Looks hella fun

  • Nol

    well that was cool