A Walk in the Park – Dash Kamp and Joe Mango

Jiberish has been wanting to link Dash and Mango up to film an edit of their own for a long time. With Dash visiting Mango’s turf of Summit County to shred Keystone and Breckenridge resorts we finally got the chance. Filmed and Edited by guest cinematographer Jonny Durst from Toy Soldier Productions

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  1. Snoochie Boochies
    Snoochie Boochies says:

    Fuck off ice coast. Dash has better style than 90% of the xxCORExx snowboarders you jerk it too. If he was repping ashbury/32 and riding a salomonder you’d probably add this vid to your spank bank right next to whatever edit videograss posted last week. eat a dick. snoochie boochies out.

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