A Random Tuesday Video Mash Up

It’s a busy week in the snowboard world with tradeshows, x-treme televised contests, etc etc. Guess that’s what happens in the peak of winter. In the past few days we’ve been inundated with dudes looking for their big Yobeat break, and figured what better way to make dreams come true than another custom Yobeat full movie.

First up, we have a full part from the Voleurz flick, which you probably didn’t watch because it included skiing. Geoff Brown is a boarder though, and he’s pretty damn good.

Next meet 14-year-old Reid Smith, from the great state of Pennsylvania. Were sure if he had bigger rails around, he would hit them.

If you have an extra nine minutes (and missed it on target=”_blank” our facebook yesterday) you may just enjoy this edit from Stevie G.

And we’ll close this one out with some dudes from the Source in Edmonton, cause we can.

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  1. cheese wiggs
    cheese wiggs says:

    the worst part about mixed videos is not the skiing but those boarder-guys wearing pink/purple jackets, 30inch stances and their tricks. the first video sucked

  2. David Bloss
    David Bloss says:

    Don’t talk shit about Geoff guys, me and him go way back. This one time, he gave me props. Anyways, Geoff’s sick and I love him a lot y’know? All you guys are just jealous of his skills, and pissed about your lack thereof. PUSSIES

  3. gojackoffwithsandpapercheesewigs
    gojackoffwithsandpapercheesewigs says:

    cheese wigs is a lil bitch fucker! dont see your video on here now do I, not to mention pink/purple VESTS (not jackets) are pretty rad. better then all black and looking the exact same as everyone else on the hill. and his stance is 25 inches not 30 get yo shit straight nort fahget!

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