Kevin Hanson Elected Mayor of Tube City

Words and photos: Andrius Simutis

Tube City, WA January 27th, 2013

After a fierce campaign of gaps, boardslides, nose presses, and more spin than most political campaigns, Kevin Hanson was elected Mayor of Tube City today on the slopes of The Summit at Snoqualmie.

Founded in the shadow of the legendary Holy Oly, Tube City has grown from a small suburb of a quarter pipe to its own city with an annual election of mayor and key officials. Forest Bailey has been term limited out of contention after winning two back to back stints as Tube City’s mayor, so last year the torch was passed and Stefan Krum was elected under sunny skies and a clear victory.

This year however, a serious cloud hung over the campaign, and that cloud turned into a blinding snowstorm making it difficult for the goggle averse jibbers to mount transparent campaigns. In the end the campaigns were weighed on their merits and the voters went to the polls.

For the junior division Matteo stood out with a platform of aggressive jibs, a firm stand on the issue of one foots and won the majority of votes to become Assistant to the Mayor. First Lady was a landslide with Naima Antolin’s consistent stomping. Sargent at Arms for 2013 is Max Warbington while Bart Partatucci, a contender for Mayor was awarded the position of Treasurer.

The Tube City press office already confirmed that as part of his duties and now an ongoing tradition, Mayor Hanson will be attending Superpark on behalf of Tube City. Reached for comment, former mayor Bailey said “I’m proud to see this keep going and that Kevin won since he killed it today. Tube City will keep on getting bigger and better in a positive way while staying green.”

Campaign Disclosure: This election was supported by Gnu, Arnette, Pat Bridges, and

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  1. Rkadar
    Rkadar says:

    Matteo rocks! We’ll see more from this young, little ripper. Great coaching and support behind this youngster!

  2. Jason
    Jason says:

    Great, copying the berrics battle commander. Now you try to copy those assholes with the “mayor” of “tube city”…Snowboarding is so fucking gay.

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