DOME-E-NATION- Kas Lemmens


Fix your attention on young Kas Lemmens. He’s been in front of the camera for 2 years now and only claimed opener or ender while only being able to film for one week.
This year he’s working on 3 full parts so be sure to check the new Random Bastards and Postland films, and a seperate online project.

  • Winona Boosh

    This man has some talent i do declare

  • Michigan

    Click on Winona Booshes link

  • You wish

    I wonder how he handles air time over a half second

  • Typical trendy kid

    That was cool .

  • Tony Danza

    when he hits puberty, we’re all fucked.

  • Just sayin’

    Dome kids always have the same generic spin-whippy style on small rails.

  • joakim

    “Just sayin” this guys have talent, maybe you have to check his last videopart shreding on the streets….