A Foggy Morning


Something weird is going on at the Rail Gardens.

Featuring: Ryan Lanham, Jon Overson, Daniel Wells, Jake Flood, Jake Haivala, Matt Bernard, Griffin Lancaster and Jamie Orkin.

Edit: Seamus Foster

  • TurboJack

    270 pretzel was sick. Good work.

  • trill

    2:26 finally! I never see anyone do that trick. its so hard but he made it look good.

  • yobeatmymeat

    That 270 pretzel was gnarly. And he made it look easy. Nutbutter that was good

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    SEGCOS. Launch ramps for life.

  • .

    that 270 pretzel was gay

  • That Guy

    Looks like so much fun, I wish there was an east coast rail gardens

  • Tony Danza

    the music made this even sicker.

  • airplane mode


  • karnkarn

    ^ 270 pretzel is one of the rare tricks left alone by riders. Very well done.

  • Adam

    dan wells bringing the heat!

  • Winona Boosh



    That’s not fog… thats just salt lake shitty

  • jeremy

    dan wells fucked yo bitch, regardless of what you think

  • Drip squad

    Got dang dey stol my x games ramp


    what is this a 1998 skate video?

  • Jp Walker

    That Jake Haivala kid is probably gay.

  • Jake’s Mom

    Hey Jp screw you. My son is as straight as an arrow!

  • trill there have been a few cab 270 pretzel, watch these days, louif does possibly the best one to date, and the edit was very nice

  • Nutsak

    Looked like a damn good time. Awesome edit

  • success

  • TRJJ

    I agree with Jp on this one, Jake is a total homo

  • germ

    now im just waitin on the back 270 pretzel

  • that jake haivala guy makes me feel all nice and dead inside